Why is it Wrong to Download Movies?

Downloading movies online can be both legal and illegal depending on where you download them and how you download them. There are lots of different options and choices when it comes to downloading music and movies and as far as movies are concerned, there are definitely websites out that where you can download legal movies. However, these will normally be at a cost, with the price usually in the form of a one-time fee or a monthly membership payment. But let's say you're still insistent on downloading movies for free by using illegal websites or methods. Whether they're bootleg copies that were filmed in theaters and uploaded before they're released or whether they were ripped from a DVD that's been out for years, they are still illegal in most cases if they are free. There are exceptions, for example, YouTube has a movie section that is mostly older or unpopular films that they often upload for their viewers to watch absolutely free. But they will usually have short commercials every 15 minutes or so and as mentioned already, they aren't always the newest and most popular films.

YouTube is one small exception but at least 90% of the time, the movies online are illegal if there is no cost to watch them, and even the ones that are uploaded in parts by YouTube users themselves are actually illegal and copyrighted. These people who upload them think that by putting "I do not own this" in the detail description box, that they are somehow protecting themselves from arrest and prosecution. They are wrong and this does not make things legal. They just saw other people doing this and assumed that it makes things legal, so it's a classic case of "monkey see, monkey do". So if you're downloading movies for free on the internet, chances are you're breaking the law yourself majority of the time. So you may wonder why this is even illegal and why law enforcement even bothers to try to arrest people for this. Well here's a few good reasons why it is illegal and why it should stay illegal.

It Hurts the Creators
The most obvious damage done when downloading movies illegally is the damage done to the creators of the movie. Most people will first think of the directors, producers, and actors of the movie. It's true that these people can be greatly affected in most cases when their movies are illegally pirated, uploaded, or downloaded. But they aren't the only ones who are involved in the creation of a movie. There are usually hundreds or thousands of people behind the scenes that helped create that movie and when the movie industry or a certain company suffers as a result of pirated versions being sold or uploaded, all these people can be significantly affected. This includes the hundreds or thousands of names that you often seen in the ending credits after a movie ends. The list of people who can be affected by illegal movie bootlegging include makeup artists, stunt drivers, gaffers, key grips, camera operators, costume designers, composers, consultants, and many more. If Hollywood studios don't make much money from their films, they will eventually have to pay less for these types of positions and everybody is affected as a whole.

It Hurts Regular People
The economy is hurting and millions of people are out of work. Most of the time when people are downloading movies illegally, they're not thinking about all the regular people they're affecting in the process. They may think about the producers and actors and all the millionaires who work in Hollywood to make movies, so they make think "who cares if they lose money, they have enough already". But the people who think like this aren't seeing the big picture. They are completely ignoring all the other people who have jobs related to entertainment and the movie industry. This includes people who work for companies like Redbox and Netflix, and even those who work for stores that sell DVD's. Companies like Redbox and Netflix require less workers and technicians than companies like Blockbuster and Hollywood video did. But when everybody started flocking to Redbox and Netflix, the other two companies ended up filing for bankruptcy and millions of people lost their jobs as a result. While Redbox and Netflix are completely legal, it just goes to show how a major change like that in Hollywood can affect all different types of people. When illegal movie download sites show up, it takes even less people to upload the videos on their and manage the website. So even more people lose their jobs, including those at Redbox and Netflix. So you can easily see how this greatly affects regular struggling people as a whole, while making a smaller number of people very rich in the process.

It Hurts Your Country
As many bootleggers live around the world, the profits from movies are spread out to these other countries as they are bootlegged. In 2012, the owner of a giant upload site known as MegaUpload was arrested for allegedly costing the movie industry $500 million in lost profits. The man's name was Kim Dotcom and at the time, he was living in New Zealand in what has been described as "the most expensive house in New Zealand". The money this one man was making from bootlegged movies on his site was money that would have been made by people living in the United States where most of the movies on his site were originally produced. That's $500 million dollars in lost tax revenue which could have gone towards improving America's economy. Instead, it ended up in New Zealand and in the hands of people who illegally uploaded the films to Dotcom's website.

It Hurts Movie Fans
As the money trickles out of the hands of those who make the movies and into bootleggers hands, the movies will often have less money to make their next movie. This means a loss in quality when it comes to the next movie that's released. This affects you as the fan or the viewer, because the budgets will be smaller and you won't get as much bang for your buck as you're watching the films. Some people may argue that the bootleggers would then start making their own movies with all the money they make, but the same effect would eventually affect them as well. The bootleggers, who start to make their own movies, would then be the victims of other bootleggers who take their movies and steal some of the profits from them.

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