Why is it Good to be a Vegetarian?

Being a vegetarian can be tough for beginners, and there's probably a lot of sacrifices a person will initially have to make in order to become vegetarian. But just like everything else, there are pros and cons when it comes to giving up meat for good. However, the only major con is giving up something you probably enjoy eating. The pros far outweigh the cons, because there's many benefits that come with being a vegetarian that meat-eaters are missing out on. Some of them may be more obvious, but there's probably a few you never even thought of. So if you're thinking about skipping out on the meat forever and want to know why it's good to be a vegetarian, here's just a few reasons why.

Lower Risk for Health Problems
People are always saying that Vegetarians don't get enough protein because meat has so much protein in it. But they aren't aware that many other foods aside from meat also have protein, and a meat-eaters diet can often have more protein than is even necessary. Vegetarian foods like beans, tofu, and nuts all pack a large amount of protein and can easily replace a person's meat source for protein. Vegetarians can not only get just as much protein as those who eat meat, but are also less likely to develop certain diseases and health problems. There have been numerous studies that have discovered a clear link between meat consumption and diseases such as Alzheimer's, heart disease, Type 2 Diabetes, and various types of Cancer (specifically Breast Cancer, Colon Cancer, Gastric Cancer, and Bladder Cancer). As long as a vegetarian makes sure they get enough protein, iron, and Omega 3 from sources aside from meat, they are also less likely to develop mental disorders. There has been many studies performed that have concluded that a large intake of red meat in a person's diet, can cause a flood of amino acids to the brain. This can result in all different types of mental illness. Furthermore, meat contains cholesteral and saturated fat, which can both clog arteries and reduce the amount of oxygen that is transported to the brain. In an overall study of all the countries, Japan ranks the highest out of most of the first world countries when it comes to life expectancy. Many people believe that this is because Japan has a diet that is focused more on fish and less on red meat. It's not necessarily the fish that gives them all the benefits, but probably the lack of red meat instead. Some people have argued that it's probably genetic, pointing towards their Asian genes. However, China has a very low life expectancy rate in comparison, and they share genes that are the same or similar to the Japanese.

Sex Life
For males, blood circulation is important in their sex life, not only because it helps improve impotence and erectile function, but also because it helps boost stamina. As stated before, meat can clog arteries and prevent oxygen and blood from being transported throughout the body. Think of arteries as roads, and think of blood and oxygen as being an ambulance on the road that is coming to save you and improve your stamina and sex life. When the ambulance can't get to you and the roads are blocked, then your stamina and sex life will suffer. It's best to keep the roads clear, so that the nutrients can be delivered throughout your body and keep it in perfect running order. Red Meat can also slow digestion, because it takes the body longer to process refined foods and foods with lots of fat (both of which are aspects of red meat). When your body digests things slower, it takes longer for nutrients to get into your system and do their magic. While Zinc definitely helps improve a person's libido and is found in different types of meat, it can also be found in vegetarian foods such as baked beans, peanut butter, potatoes, cheddar cheese, pumpkin seeds, and veggie burgers. So as a vegetarian, if you make sure you are consuming enough zinc each day, you will probably be a better pleaser in bed than your meat-eating counterparts.

Healthy Skin
Your skin is just like any other part of your body. It needs oxygen, blood, and nutrients to remain healthy and vibrant. Vegetarians are more likely to have better looking skin than those who eat meat, as long as they make sure they are eating a wide source of meatless foods to get all their nutrients. It has an effect on the skin, for the same reason it has an effect on a person's sex life and overall health. Those arteries seem to play a huge role in a person's body, from their head down to their toes. If you've ever seen a person who eats nothing but burgers and fast food all the time, their skin does not look as vibrant and healthy as a person who makes sure to include lots of vegetables and fruits in their diet. This is not just because fruits and veggies have cleaner sources of nutrients, but also because they are reducing their meat intake, which clears up those arteries. Oxygen is especially essential to a person's skin, because it helps produce the essential things it's made of, such as elastin and collagen. So don't be surprised if you suddenly start to see skin changes within a month or two after becoming vegetarian, or if your acne starts clearing up. Acne may not be caused by diet, but it can certainly be triggered by it. Just remember to include another protein, iron, zinc, and omega 3 in your diet to keep things balanced. Improving your skin can also have a profound effect on your sex life, as studies have proven that people with healthy skin are generally more attractive to the opposite sex.

Moral Satisfaction
While many people become vegetarians because they care about animals and their living conditions on factory farms, others may become veggie heads for the health benefits. But while the latter may not choose to become vegetarian primarly for the animals, they can still feel good about themselves while knowing that no animals are dying as a result of their eating habits. It's a good feeling, even for those who aren't exactly activists for animal rights. Feeling good about yourself for certain things helps boost confidence, lower depression, and improve a person's overall quality of life. This can lead to better production in a work environment, a better social life, and many other positive improvements in a person's everyday life. Many people go to church or donate to charity to get a positive feeling for it. Well every little thing you do helps add to that feeling, even if it wasn't originally intentional.

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