Why Do Women Love Bad Boys?

Anybody who's ever watched an action or adventure movie in their life should already be familiar with the classic bad boy image that can be found in the majority of Hollywood films today. If you've ever seen a romantic movie, which I'm sure you have, the starlet's object of affection is almost always a character who bears the usual qualities of a bad boy: strong, charismatic, mysterious, and most imporantly, dangerous. Many real-life bad boys have even become cultural icons, such as James Dean and Tupac Shakur. They aren't just idols for young boys who aspire to be like them, they are also sexual icons because women seem to fall in love with these types. But what is it about the bad boy type that women love so much? Let's look at some of the possible reasons behind their infatuations.

Safety and Security
Most women like to have a man who makes them feel safe. While some women may quench their thirst for security by finding a wealthy man, many ladies prefer a bad boy to provide the same thing. Many females have a natural instinct that makes them want to feel safe in the arms of a man. Having a bad boy for a boyfriend, lover, or husband, makes these women feel more secure than if that man were a nice guy, because many females view bad boys as tough guys, and nice guys as soft guys. The old saying "nice guys finish last" couldn't hold any more relevance than in this particular situation. Lots of women feel a little bit helpless in the world, and want a strong man there to guide them and lead them, and nothing says "strong" to women than a man who spits in the face of authority and breaks all rules written.

Majority of people would prefer to live an exciting life over a boring life. Often, people searching for companionship will size their partners up and evaluate them based on how well they can improve the life of the person who is evaluating them. A bad boy can offer excitement to an otherwise boring and mundane existence. Lots of people would love to live in a movie and have an exciting storyline to go by in their lives. In virtually every action movie you ever watch, the good guys are often living on a thin borderline between being good and being bad. It's sometimes hard to tell whether they are heroes or villains. Behind every major action movie, there's a bad boy thrown somewhere into the plot. Well to women, this is also why bad boys can offer them excitement. Because their lives are often similar to movie scripts, and they can offer to share the same experiences with anybody who joins them in their journey through life.

Sexually Enticing
In addition to providing a feeling of security and sensations of excitement, bad boys also appeal to the sexual feelings of women. A bad boy is far from timid, so to members of the opposite sex, this means that they are more probable to be the type of guys who take charge while in bed with their girlfriends, lovers, or wives. To many females, this is the preferred type of mate, because they like a man who is in charge and can take control of a situation without being too rough. They may also be viewed as more sexual, because bad boys are probably less inhibited while under the sheets than nice guys, and less worried about what their partners will think of them. So their sexual behavior may be more animalistic in nature, which can feel more natural to ladies and make sex more memorable and enjoyable for them.

Ying Yang
For every Ying, there's a Yang. Every sunrise is followed by a sunset, and every left shoe has a right. For most women, there's nothing more natural for them than to feel like they are with an equal counterpart. If a woman wants to feel very soft and feminine, she will often need to compensate with the opposite and find a male who is manly and edgy. The modern day bad boy is the epitome of that to these types of gals, and they may not ever feel complete unless they are dating a bad boy. Many girls will continue to seek out bad boys, even after others have abused or neglected them, because of this Ying/Yang type of balance that they are trying to achieve. There's even some who may actually enjoy it when their boyfriend or husband abuses them, as this may fit into their view on how a man and woman interact naturally, based on previous experiences or childhood events, such as watching their father do it to their mother. Though, this doesn't mean that most bad boys are abusive.

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