Why Do Teenagers Eat So Much

Teenagers have a reputation for pigging out on junk food and fast food. Some may even eat healthy, but eat much more food than their parents or older family members. There's so many different reasons as to why teenagers eat so much food. Not every teen's body and mind are the same, so one teenager may have a perfectly normal reason for eating so much, while another one may have some type of serious disorder that requires a medical evaluation. So if you're a parent who is concerned about your teenage son or daughter's eating habits, or if you're a teen who has noticed an increase in your daily food intake, here's a few reasons as to why this may be happening.

During puberty, the teenage body develops more than during most other stages in a person's life. All of this growing and developing requires lots of nutrients, and the body gets those nutrients from the food a teen eats. I'm sure you've heard that bones grow strong with the more calcium a person consumes. Well the bones obviously need more calcium when they are growing faster than usual. The same can be said about protein for the muscles, and various vitamins for the skin and hair. However, if a teenager is obese, their eating habits may be caused by something entirely different and may not be linked to puberty at all.

Less Health Conscious
Adults are much more concerned with their health than most teens, because they are seeing the effects of their diet on their health already, since it can begin to affect people once they reach their 20's and 30's. It's very common for people to start to gain weight as they age more, so they may be more aware of what they are eating than teens are. Many teenagers are less concerned with their health, because adulthood feels like it's light years away from them, and they don't quite realize how short life really is. As a person gets older, the years seem to fly by faster. Lots of younger people may feel that if they do gain weight or suffer health problems from their eating habits, they will have lots of time to turn things around and fix it.

Less Responsibility
Majority of teenagers have less responsibilities than adults. Most of them do not own homes or have many bills to pay, aside from the occasional cell phone or xbox live bill (and parents pay these too in many cases). So teenagers are not always responsible for buying their own food, or may not care much about conserving money because it's not as much of a necessity to them as it is for adults. If a teenager runs out of money, they can always fall back on their parents and their parents will take care of them. When an adult runs out of money, they usually do not have anybody to fall back on to help pay their bills. It's much more common to see teens in line at the grocery store buying lots of candy, than it is to see adults doing the same thing. Adults are more likely to purchase the important foods that are necessary to stay alive, while teens are more likely to purchase pleasure foods, that do not really count as real meals.

Many people eat more when they are depressed. This has been known in the scientific community for quite some time now. On average, teens are much more likely to deal with depression than adults for many reasons, even though it affects all kinds of people from all walks of life. So it's only natural that you would find many teens pigging out because of their depression. This is just some people's way of coping with it, and junk foods like ice cream seem to be the foods of choice when it comes to this type of binging. If you're a teen who suffers from depression, and noticed rapid weight gain, this is probably the reason why, and you should see a psychologist or psychiatrist to try to work your problem out before it results in obesity, if it hasn't already.

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