Why Do Some People Choose Not to Work?

Have you ever noticed people in your life who seem to get by fine even though they don't work? You stress out over bills, making it to work on time every morning, and moving up on your job, while these people seem to go through life without worrying about anything. While some people may have no choice in the matter, there's always going to be those who actually make the conscious choice not to go to work. Some of them could probably be labeled as being bums or lazy, but for others their ambition to want to do something greater with their life prevents them from working a regular job. So while there's plenty of people out there who stay home all day because work is too hard or stressful for them, there's others who do it for philosophical reasons or motivational ones. So here's the most common scenarios and personalities you'll find when it comes to people who purposely choose not to work.

To Be Their Own Boss
Many people choose to not work because they're focusing on their businesses or goals. Not everybody has ambitions to work a 9 to 5 job or for a company that's owned by someone else. If you're spending all your time working a job for someone else, how can you ever have time to focus on your own company? It's for this reason that many people, like myself, have gone homeless or avoided working at all costs because they had to focus their time on being self-employed or growing their businesses in the beginning. I spent more than 5 months unemployed and living on the streets while I focused on growing my business and studying at the library every day. This eventually paid off, and if I had never taken the time off from working regular jobs, it never would have been possible. Some people can get their personal goals accomplished simply by focusing on them every weekend, while others need more time than that to really get things going. Many of the world's richest people were in college or not working when they started what would later become today's multi-billion dollar corporations.

Unrecognized Medical Problems
Medical disorders cause some people to not work, and these aren't always covered by SSI or disability programs. Take for instance, a personal friend of mine who had a medical problem and couldn't go to work because of it. He had a huge painful lump on his lip, which doctors were unable to diagnose. They thought it was everything from cancer, to a benign cyst, to some form of STD. It wasn't until years later that they realized that it was a rare disorder where the white blood cells in his body would attack each other and caused this lump to grow in size and become painful. It was very obvious and embarrassing to him, so he stopped going to work because of it. This is understandable because it would often grow to large sizes and caused his mouth to look deformed. But before his actual diagnosis, he was unable to get any form of disability payments or to be recognized as having a disability. Many people with social anxiety or other similar mental disorders are unable to do the same. Good luck trying to find someone who has Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and who's able to get approved for disability. Despite the fact that IBS can greatly affect someone's job performance and cause them to constantly run to the bathroom or spend hours on a toilet, it's still very difficult for someone who has this disorder to get approved for any type of disability or medical assistance programs because of it. So many people who have medical disorders such as these will choose not to work for that reason, even though others may not consider them to be disabled.

True Freedom
Some people just prefer to be free and working a job is the opposite of that to them. Freedom to them doesn't just stop at free speech and the right to vote. There's other freedoms that appeal to people, such as freedom from bills, freedom from a fixed schedule, and freedom from responsibility. I mean, come on, let's face it; When you work a job, you're basically a slave. If not a slave to the company you work for, then a slave to yourself. You go to work to earn money, and that money can improve your quality of life and make life easier to handle. But it's similar to how a smoker needs a cigarette or an alcoholic needs a drink in order to feel good. A worker needs a lot of money coming in each month in order to feel comfortable and enjoy their life. The types of people that I'm talking about who don't go to work for these reasons probably already feel content with their lives and found ways to survive without feeling like they need that constant stream of money (or a constant stream of nicotine or alcohol) to feel good. As long as humans have been around, there's probably been jobs for them to do.

The cavemen lived in groups most likely gave different assignments to each other when going out looking for food or building something. Working is a part of nature in a way because it's not only humans who do things like this. If you look at an ant hill, you'll notice all the little ants doing things to better their community and get things done. There's even different classes of ants, and the worker ants are at the bottom of the totem pole while they have other ants giving them tasks to do, just like our managers and supervisors do with us. Some people look at those ants and view them as slaves to the queen ant, and view themselves as slaves to the government (or monarchy in countries that have them).

Christopher McCandless is one of the most famous modern-age idealists that probably viewed things like this before his death. There's been books and movies based on his way of life and story (with the film Into the Wild being the most well-known), and many people actually admire him because of how he lived. He chose not to work a job for someone else and decided not to be a slave to the almighty dollar anymore. He dropped out of society and lived off the land like he probably believed people were meant to be living. Nobody knows if he was truly happy or regretful when he died of starvation as a result, but there's no doubt that he was happy in the year or months leading up to his death.

Of course, there's always going to be people who choose to avoid work simply because they are lazy or unmotivated, or a combination of the two. For most of these types of people, they will choose not to work as long as they have that choice. Many of them have their parents or others taking care of them and providing them with food and a place to stay. However, many of them may have a routine or something they do in order to get food or a place to stay, but this may not be the same thing as a job or "work". However, there's some who are so lazy that they choose not to work even when it seems they have no choice. While every homeless person has a different story, there's still many who are in their situation because they are too lazy to work a job. They would rather be sleeping on the streets or in shelters than to actually work a job. So while it seems like some people have no choice but to work, those who are homeless remind us that there's always a choice, even if the other choice isn't as comfortable as living indoors.

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