Why Do Skinny People Go to the Gym?

Have you ever been at the gym or saw a fitness center commercial on TV and all you see is skinny people working out there? You expect to see obese people, since they need to lose the pounds more than anyone, but all you see are people that look like models or movie stars jogging on the treadmills or signing up for aerobics classes. You probably thought "What gives? Why would skinny people need to workout?" Well there's actually some very good reasons for that, and possibly even more reasons for them to be exercising than those who are obese. I'm a somewhat skinny person myself and I spend a lot of time working out, though I don't go to a gym because I feel more comfortable at home. So I understand why they do it and I thought I'd share some of the main reasons why you would even see skinny people at the gym.

To Keep Weight Off
The main reason that most skinny people go to the gym is to keep the weight off or because they're not as thin as they'd like to be. Keep in mind that just because you see them as thin people now, doesn't mean that they were always that way. Maybe they're naturally obese and going to the gym everyday helped them to lose weight and achieve the body that you're seeing today. Keeping the weight off is usually just as important as losing it to begin with, so a lot of them that you see at the gym are probably there to do just that. Working out every day probably helps them keep the weight off, so they don't have to work as hard as they did again to lose it. But there's always going to be some who don't have an accurate picture in their head of what they actually look like. They may look in the mirror and see a person that's fatter than the person you see when you look at them. So they might not be aware of how skinny they are or what they look like to others, so they try to lose even more weight until they can fit the ideal size that they think they should be at.

To Buff Up
For skinny people like myself, gaining weight is very difficult and I've tried to do it by eating fatty foods or foods that are high in carbohydrates. But even with all the carbs everyday, it's very difficult for me to gain weight, and more importantly, to keep the weight on. So buffing up and building muscle is really my only shot if I want to look less frail or thin. Gaining muscle is easier for me to do than gaining fat, but I still have to make sure I eat a lot of foods to feed all the muscle growth. So many skinny people work out and go to the gym in an effort to buff up and get bigger in mass. Remember that just because they look slender now, doesn't mean that they'll look the same a year from now. It takes time to build muscle, so you might see a slender person and assume they're trying to lose weight, when in reality they're just trying to bulk up. This is more common with men than with women, as the objective for women is usually to lose weight and not so much focused around building mass. But there are still a lot of women that like to have toned bodies, with just a little muscle so they can look healthy. It may be easy for these women to achieve that body, but they'll still have to work out and exercise every now and then to keep their body in that condition. So even those who look perfect to you will still have to keep their gym routine if they want to keep their body toned.

To Feel Good
It's been proven that exercise helps people feel better mentally and to think more positively. Depression, stress, and anxiety can all be relieved or cured by exercising regularly and remaining active. For this reason, a lot of people simply go to gyms so they can feel better about their lives or themselves. A brief workout in the morning or afternoon can put a person in a better mood throughout the day and even improve their sex life if they're having problems with it. It may be due to an increase in the amount of oxygen going to the brain during exercise, or it may be due to some form of dopamine response or release in the body. Either way, the majority of people who exercise regularly find that it greatly improves their outlook on life and how healthy they feel each day. Strangely, it can also give people more energy and get rid of fatigue, even though it seems that working out would do the opposite in most cases. People who sit around all day and who are lethargic usually don't feel as energetic as someone who jogs a mile or so every day or who keeps active by walking everywhere.

Keep Cholesterol Down
Skinny people still have to worry about cholesterol and heart disease, even though these things are more common amongst obese people. Just because a person looks healthy on the outside, doesn't mean they're in the same good condition on the inside. Cholesterol can be a silent killer because you may not know you have high cholesterol until it's too late. Skinny people die from heart attacks all the time, and it's often because they have bad diets or just simply aren't active enough. Exercising helps the oxygen in your blood move around and get to your heart, so the arteries don't become clogged and so the heart can remain healthy. So people who work out, even when they're already skinny, may be saving their own lives in the process. A lot of people may realize this and that's why you see them going to the gym all the time when they already look skinny or in shape.

To Meet Others
The gym is a great way to meet others because they're often quiet like a library but social like a shopping mall. If a man wants to talk to a woman who he sees working out, it's easy for him to go up and ask her if she needs someone to spot her with weights or to ask her something about the gym that he may already know the answer to. It's easy for many to strike up a conversation with others, and to join fitness groups in gyms that bring like-minded people together. Everybody there probably enjoys staying active and healthy, so it's a good way for people with similar lifestyles to find each other and meet up. A person who likes to go jogging every morning may want a lover who will go jogging with them every day. If they're dating someone who isn't active and who just likes to sit around, then the two probably won't get along so well. But if they're significant other is active just like they are, they may mesh well together and make for a better couple. So gyms have become pickup spots for a lot of people in search of love, romance, or even just a quick fling.

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