Why Do People Live in Hotels?

Have you ever known anyone who lived in a hotel most of the time, rather than a house or apartment? It's not common but there are many people who actually live in hotels and will spend months or even years in the same hotel room, the same as they would with an apartment. Hotels can be very expensive and you're usually limited to only one room of space, unless you're paying for multiple rooms or a suite. So it may seem like a crazy thing to those who don't live in hotels, but there's actually many good reasons why people do it. I spent about 8 months living out of hotels before I finally settled down and rented myself an apartment. I mainly did it while I was out of my home country and constantly traveling, so I had little choice. But my reasons for doing it aren't the same as everybody else's reasons, and some people do have a choice but prefer to stay in hotel rooms and pay extra. So here's just some of the main reasons why some people are like this.

There's a lot of people who have no choice but to live out of hotels because they travel so much. This could be people traveling for business, or even those who travel as a lifestyle. When you never know how long you're staying in a place, it doesn't make sense to go ahead and sign a lease to an apartment or home, or even to purchase one. Since hotels have no leases, no minimum duration of stay, and very little paperwork, it's the most obvious choice for a traveler. Backpackers often stay in hotels when they go on long trips, and they may hop from hotel to hotel every few weeks or so. To those who aren't familiar with their lifestyle, it may appear that they're living permanently in the hotel, as they're seen there day after day and week after week. But they may just be staying there until they decide which city or country they'll be visiting next. Many hotels in countries that are popular with backpackers specifically cater to them and name themselves things like "Traveler's Hotel" or "Vagabond Inn", to appeal to those types. Those are probably the most ideal guests for a hotel owner to have, because they often stay for very long durations, rather than a day or two like most people.

No Lease
As mentioned already, hotels don't normally have leases to sign. So a person is free to leave whenever they want, without any penalties. This means no credit checks or background checks and not much paperwork to fill out. Some people are heavily in debt or hiding from others, and they want to avoid signing anything or having credit checks or background checks processed with their name. They want to remain "off the grid" and will try to avoid too many invasive situations. Hotels are perfect for these types of people because it allows a certain level of anonymity. Other times, it may just be that a person knows they have bad credit and they'd rather avoid any leases or credit checks until they can repair it. If hotels did credit checks, there'd probably be a lot of people unable to stay in them because of how bad the economy has been over the past decade and how many people have been unable to pay their bills as a result. Bad credit can keep a person out of an apartment or home they want to live in, but not a hotel, at least not in most cases.

Cheaper Monthly Rates
Believe it or not, some hotels are actually cheaper than apartments. This is very rare but they do exist in many big cities in the United States and elsewhere. The trick is to negotiate a monthly rate with the manager or owner. There's plenty of people who know this trick and who take advantage of it all the time. With the monthly discount, it's usually not more than maybe 5%-10% cheaper than an apartment or other rental property. But it's still a good option for many people, especially if they have issues with renting a regular place. It's very common for hotels to advertise weekly or monthly rates, but sometimes asking in private will get a person a better deal than the prices that being publicly advertised.

Less Responsibility
When it comes to people who money is no object to, staying in a hotel can mean less responsibilities in life and less stress. If you think about it, staying in a hotel is much easier than staying in your own apartment or house. You don't have to commit to any long-term form of responsibility like a lease or a home mortgage, and your everyday life can be very easy as well. Hungry? No need to make your own food, just give room service a call. Too lazy to make your bed in the morning? That's no problem, because the maids and housekeepers will simply clean up after you and make your bed whenever you want. Some hotels have everything you could possibly need located directly inside their buildings or in their lobbies. Gyms, family restaurants, fast food restaurants, post offices, and even movie theaters can all be found in hotels around the world. If a person is lazy and has a lot of money to spend, then staying in a hotel is probably a very ideal situation. This is why so many rich people live in hotels even though they could easily afford to buy homes.

Then of course, you have the strange reasons for people staying in hotel rooms. There's always an oddball in any group and you can rest assured that just about every hotel has one of those oddballs as a long-term tenant. Howard Hughes is a perfect example of the type of guest that I'm referring to. It's sad in many ways, because he obviously had a serious medical disorder. But this disorder, probably some variant of OCD or hypochondria, caused him to become a hermit when he refused to leave his hotel room. He most likely developed a fear of the outside world and all the germs, diseases, and other bad things found there. When the hotel wanted to kick him out, he simply bought the entire building. There's most likely many people in the world that are under the media's radar, who have money, live like Howard Hughes once did, and have the same problems he now that he had then.

Construction and Fumigation
A stay in a hotel may just be temporary until a person's real home is ready to be lived in. Sometimes people's homes are fumigated or bug-bombed, to kill cockroaches or bed bug infestations. They will probably have to stay in a hotel for a while until the fumes go away, the dust settles, and it's safe to go back into the home again. They might be underdoing a renovation or some form of construction in their home. A hurricane may have completely destroyed their home and they're waiting on the insurance company to compensate them. There's all types of scenarios and situations that could force someone out of their home and into a hotel for a week or longer.

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