Why Do People Go to Night Clubs?

Clubbing has become a very popular thing to do on weekends for many people around the world. Night clubs have always been a part of modern society, but only recently has it exploded into the cultural phenomenon we're seeing today. But what is it about going to clubs that's so appealing and attractive to certain people nowadays? Why do people go to clubs in the first place? I often wondered this when I was a teenager, but as I went through different phases in my life, I began to understand some of the reasons why. Truth is, there's no one particular reason as to why people go to clubs. There's all kinds of people in this world and they're all going through different stages in their lives. So here's some of the reasons I discovered personally as to why so many of these people visit these types of places.

Hookups and Soul Mates
The most common motive for people who frequent clubs to be there is because they are looking for sex or looking for a relationship. Even people who already have a boyfriend, girlfriend, fiance, or spouse often go clubbing to either cheat on them or to try to meet someone new so they can dump or divorce their current significant other. Some people constantly do this because they are always looking for that "better deal" when it comes to their relationships. But a large majority of people in most night clubs are single, at least from what I've observed. Some are on the hunt for one night stands, while others are in search of something more serious or long-term. Since there's lots of alcohol or drugs at clubs, many people find it easier to loosen up and talk or flirt with other people that they would normally have a hard time approaching in any other setting.

For lots of people, clubbing and going out to the city's nightlife scene is a great way to meet up with close friends or coworkers, or even to meet new friends. The atmosphere in most club scenes is very laid-back and similar to a party, so people may feel more comfortable to socialize there and meet new people. It's not quite as direct as a dating website, and some people feel that they look desperate when they sign up for those types of sites. Also, it's not as personal and as intimate as having coffee or lunch, since that type of atmosphere is usually more quiet and the dialog feels much more one-on-one.

Some people go to clubs to dance and show off their dancing skills. The types of dances that are appropriate depend on the type of club or the genre of music the DJ or band is playing. For example, booty dancing, also known as booty shaking, is the style of dance you can expect to see on the dance floor in many hip hop clubs and some that cater to the pop-culture crowd. But that style of dance would certainly be out of place in a Blues, Jazz, or Country club, and probably even a Rock n Roll one. As far as why people dance, there's many different reasons. Most people do it because they either find it to be fun, or because it helps them relieve stress, both mentally and physically. Sometimes, the best way to release all the tension from being at work all week is to get out on the dance floor and vibe to the music, without a care in the world. Other reasons people do it is to show off or try to attract other people to them, and a select few probably do it as a form of exercise to stay fit or lose weight.

Live Music
One thing that is extremely common in clubs is live music, and if not that, then a DJ. Sometimes, famous bands or DJs tour and play in clubs instead of larger venues or arenas. The first concert I ever went to was a Rancid show at a medium-sized club called The Edge in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (which no longer exists, unfortunately). One of my favorite artists is Lyrics Born and even though he tours worldwide, I saw him perform at a small club called The Avalon in Santa Clara, California once. So there's many people out there like me, who are fans of specific musicians or DJ's and they go to see them at the clubs they play at. It's also pretty common for A & R reps and talent scouts for record labels to frequent bars and clubs in search of new and undiscovered musical talent to sign to the labels they work for.

Newbies and Followers
Needless to say, a lot of clubbers are actually first-timers or newbies. Everybody who's in a club at any given time has had their clubbing-cherry popped at one point. So many of the people you'll find in clubs are just there out of curiosity and intrigue. Lots of them are just checking things out and many probably won't go to clubs anymore after their first time, since it's not everybody's cup of tea. In addition to these kinds of clubbers, you'll also find the types who I like to call "crowd followers". This breed of club-goers probably don't even know why they go clubbing, but they do it anyways because that's what they see people doing in movies and on TV, or because they think that's where they should be on a Friday or Saturday night.

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