Why Do Men Cheat? - The Top 5 Reasons

In today's modern world, staying faithful to your lover or spouse seems to be more difficult for people than ever before. Although there's been many studies over the years on both genders when it comes to relationships and remaining loyal, men seem to blamed more than women in the majority of studies.

In one ongoing long-term study performed by the University of Chicago, men have reported cheating on their partners about 8% more than women. Another survey that took place at Indiana University recently found that men are only 4% more likely to cheat than women.

So although it's only a small difference, the difference itself is apparent in the majority of studies. But it's not just statistics and science that seems to point the finger at males, but Hollywood as well.

If you turn on the TV at about noon time on any weekday, you'll most likely see soap operas on many of the channels where men seem to be cheating more than women in all the episodes. So it's obvious that men are so notorious for cheating that they're even depicted as cheaters in many movies, TV shows, magazines, and documentaries.

So there's no question whether men cheat or not, since it's obvious that many of them do. The real question is why they choose to do it. Well they have many reasons for cheating on their wives or girlfriends, and some of those reasons are sexual while others are psychological or social. Here's the top five most common reasons as to why men cheat and what they're thinking when they do it.

Physical Satisfaction

The most common reason why most men cheat is that they are looking for a short fling and want the temporary satisfaction that one gets from having a sexual encounter with somebody new.

They simply can not resist an opportunity to sleep with a woman other than their wife or girlfriend because even though they may feel guilty about it, it's still physically pleasing and the taboo aspect of it can make it more fun and enjoyable for them.

Men who cheat for this reason are usually the ones who end up being chronic cheaters because it's usually entirely impulsive and like a dog who just has to hump everything in sight, they have a hard time saying no or walking away from a woman they think they have a chance with.

Sometimes drunken mistakes can follow under this category because people are often more impulsive after they've had a few alcoholic drinks and this can cause an otherwise loyal person to do something they normally wouldn't do based on temporary impulses.

To Conquer and Build Confidence

Also, many men, particularly alpha men, have a conquer-all mentality in that it can make them feel more manly and powerful if they can get a woman into their bed who normally wouldn't be there.

This is one way that men build up confidence so that they can feel good about themselves throughout the day.

Women can be similar except that they will usually feel some type of satisfaction after they're able to get a man to show interest in them. For men, it doesn't stop there because they want to follow through and have something bragworthy or another notch on their belt to feel good about.

Searching for a New Mate

For many men, cheating on their significant other is really just the first step towards seperation or divorce. Some people are so afraid of being alone that they will refuse to leave someone until they've found a new person to replace them.

This form of cheating can be referred to as "try before you buy" because they are basically trying out a new person before getting serious with them. It's inconsiderate and selfish, because when they finally do find a new partner that they mesh well with, they'll dump the old lover unexpectedly and without any warning.

This is always hard, but it can be especially hard for the person who gets dumped when they know that they were being cheated on the whole time without knowing it. It adds insult to injury because it makes them feel stupid for not realizing it and for being unaware of everything.

Men who use the "try before you buy" technique are usually the most self centered types because not only are they being dishonest to their lover and disregarding their feelings, but they're doing it while fully knowing that they have no plans to stay with that person.

To Hurt Their Significant Other

If a man and woman are in a relationship and they are always arguing or if the woman cheats on the man, this can give the man justification to cheat. Sometimes men will cheat simply to hurt their wives or girlfriends.

When men cheat for this reason, they may have other reasons for cheating combined with this reason but in the back of their minds this is the ultimate reason they are doing it. It can be like a type of revenge for them and when this reason for cheating is in place the man will usually find a way to disclose his cheating to his wife or allow himself to get caught.

People do crazy things when they're hurt or mad at another person and some men are creative enough to cheat simply for this reason, believe it or not.

Spice Up Relationship

Sometimes guys start cheating in order to spice up their relationship at home. They might feel like their significant other may not be paying enough attention to them so they will either have an encounter or relationship with another woman in order to make their lady at home jealous so that she "steps up her game".

This can cause their little lady at home to start giving them more attention in a desperate attempt to keep their man's interest out of fear that he'll soon leave them. Some men know this and will actually follow through with cheating just to breathe new life into their relationship when they feel they're being neglected or unappreciated.

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