Why Did P. Diddy Give Justin Bieber His Car?

Justin Bieber, the 16 year old singing sensation from Canada, has been the focus of the media's attention for about a year now. There's been all kinds of stories about him in both the real news and the tabloid newspapers. The newest gossip to hit the internet is that P. Diddy gave his Lamborghini to Justin Bieber as a birthday gift. This appears to be true, because in the past week, many people have spotted Justin Bieber riding around in Los Angeles with Sean Kingston in a white Lamborghini Gallardo. Papparazzi have taken their photos and one photo of the two leisurely cruising downtown has went viral on the internet. But last time I checked, Justin Bieber was signed by Usher and had him as a mentor. So what's with this new relationship between Justin and P. Diddy? Why would P. Diddy give away his car to somebody who isn't even his own son or family? Something sounds fishy about this whole situation, but I'm pretty sure I know what's going on and I believe it's a type of bribe. For me to reach this conclusion, all I had to do was look at Diddy's past and what type of business he is in and the circumstances of the situation.

Sean Combs, (also known as P. Diddy, Puff Daddy, and Puffy), is a producer, CEO, and entrepreneur who has produced for a number of famous artists such as the Notorious B.I.G., Shyne, Mase, Mariah Carey, and Lil' Kim. But what many many not remember, is that he also once produced for Usher on his debut album and served as the co-executive producer on the album when Usher was much younger. According to him, he also served as a legal guardian and mentor during that part of Usher's life. After Usher became super famous and his career as a singer took off, he had Jermaine Dupri and Babyface produce his second album and serve as executive producers. At the time, there were 3 main commercial producers in Hip Hop/R n' B that were more popular than others, and that was Puff Daddy, Jermaine Dupri, and Dr. Dre. So while Diddy and Dupri may not have hated each other or had any public disputes, there was definitely some competitive rivalry there. It probably didn't sit well with Diddy to know that the last guy he worked with and helped make famous, went on to work with Dupri on his second album instead. If I were P. Diddy, I'd probably hold a little resentment towards Usher, because after all, why leave the party for another party when everything is going well?

When Justin Beiber arrived on the scene and became massively popular almost instantly, it was with the promotional help of Usher and Scooter Braun. These two guys own the record label RBMG (Raymond Braun Music Group) which Justin is signed to. There was many confirmed rumors that Justin Timberlake had almost signed Bieber as well, but he decided to go with Usher because he probably received a better offer or compensation package.

In November of 2009, a video appeared on youtube with Justin Bieber and P. Diddy standing around a white Lamborghini. The video was titled "Diddy and Justin Bieber spending 48 hours together". In the video, Diddy told Justin that he was going to give him that car when he turned 16. Bieber, and most youtube viewers, assumed that he was joking and was not actually serious about giving his car away. Diddy's demeanor in the video almost makes it seem like he was just playing around and was indeed joking. But why was Diddy hanging out with Justin Bieber in the first place? He is a CEO and Executive producer still, so maybe he had ulterior motives. Maybe, just maybe, he was trying to butter Bieber up to entice him to sign with Diddy once his contract with Usher ends. Maybe Puffy is still holding a grudge and still has some bad blood towards Usher for leaving him back in the 90's and is now trying to do to Usher, what Usher had done to him. Maybe he's trying to play the role of Jermaine Dupri now.

On the 1st of March, Bieber celebrated his birthday and finally turned 16. To his surprise, Usher reportedly purchased him a brand new Range Rover. However, it seems that Diddy showed him up, by sticking to his promise and handing over the keys to his Lamborghin Gallardo, valued at over $200,000. This situation must have been awkward for all parties involved, especially Usher.

In May of 2010, in an MTV interview, Usher stated that he wouldn't pass on advice to Justin that Diddy once gave him when he was his mentor. He said he was mostly referring to advice that Diddy gave him about "drugs, sex, and alcohol" will help your career in Hip Hop/Rn'B. Who knows, maybe this was the start (or the middle) of an ongoing behind-the-scenes feud between Usher and Diddy. They certainly seem to be taking blows at each other, without actually coming out and announcing there's a beef. The media doesn't seem to be noticing this potential dispute either, as I haven't seen any major news networks or gossip magazines talking about it or even touching on the issue. In the same month, Diddy was suspiciously vocal about Justin being nominated for an award at the BET awards. When BET announced that the white 16 year old would be nominated, most people who have been on this earth for some time now were shocked. Bieber is very similar to other young white pop stars we've seen in the past, such as the Backstreet Boys and Nysnc, and none of those people were ever nominated for anything on BET (which stands for Black Entertainment Television). While most people were shocked, Diddy defended Justin and said that it's only right that he should be included. But why did Puff Daddy never come to the defense of those boy band members who were excluded in the past? This is just my opinion, but I believe it's because he didn't have a personal vendetta with the owners of their record labels. I believe Puffy is out to get revenge, and make a lot of money off of Justin Bieber in the process. He's no stupid man, and it only makes sense for a business man such as himself to kill two birds with one stone.

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