Who Murdered Tupac?

It's been almost 14 years since the deaths of Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G. (aka Christopher Wallace), yet a killer has still not been brought to justice in either killing. Some people have speculated that both were killed in an Eastcoast/Westcoast rivalry, but those speculations couldn't be further from the truth. I can't say for sure who killed both of them, but it's safe to say that we can rule out the theory that it was because of an Eastcoast Westcoast fued, at least in the case of 2pac.

The mystery behind Tupac's death may not be a mystery after all. There's so many clues as to who might have wanted him dead. The most obvious person to point the finger at would be Orlando "Baby Lane" Anderson, a member of Compton's southside crips set. His possible involvement in Shakur's death started with a beat down in a Foot Locker at a shopping mall in California and a robbery. Apparently, a sound engineer working for Death Row was at the Foot Locker wearing a Death Row chain and pendant. He was a member of the infamous Compton MOB Piru Bloods. He was approached by several southside crips in the Foot Locker, and they assaulted him and stole his Death Row chain. A few months later, 2pac, Suge Knight (who is also MOB Piru) and the rest of the D.R. entourage were at the MGM Grand to see the Tyson fight the night Tupac was murdered. The sound engineer told Suge that he spotted one of the crips who beat him up previously, walking through the lobby of the MGM Grand. This crip was Orlando Anderson. Pac approached him and asked him if he was from the south side, before punching him. He was backed up by the rest of the Death Row entourage who proceeded to punch and kick Anderson. A few hours later, Tupac was shot while riding in Knight's BMW.

The police immediately suspected Anderson in the murder, but there was little evidence to go on. He owned a white cadillac, and it was a white cadillac that was identified in the shooting. He had a motive, and he had the means to pull off this type of driveby. Tupac's mother filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Orlando, and he was killed during the course of the court proceedings in a Carwash shootout in Compton. However, he wasn't the only one that might have wanted Shakur dead. Many people forget that Pac was the victim of a shooting and robbery in 1994 inside the Quad Studios building. This was the incident that fueled the whole Eastcoast Westcoast rivalry.

What many may not realize, is that Shakur implicated more people in the shooting than just Biggie and Puff Daddy (now known as P Diddy). In the song "Against All Odds", he confesses and drops names on several other people, including Jimmy Henchman, King Tut (aka Walter Johnson), and Haitian Jack. Jimmy Henchman is a music manager who has ties with Bad Boy Records. Word on the streets is that Henchman secured a deal between Bad Boy Records and BMF (Black Mafia Family), in which BMF would fund Bad Boy and help Diddy start his label, in exchange for protection (muscle) and paid royalties. King Tut and Haitian Jack were both affiliated with BMF. Haitian Jack was the codefendant in Tupac's sexual abuse case, while King Tut had approached Tupac a few years earlier while on the set for the movie Above the Rim. Tut had allegedly tried to pressure 2pac into signing with Bad Boy. So Tupac had suspected that Haitian Jack had set him up with the rape case, and that the woman who accused him of sexual abuse was really working for BMF or Bad Boy. Several sources on the streets claimed that the 2 men who shot Tupac in Quad Studios were Jack and Tut, on the orders of Jimmy Henchman. Henchman later allegedly stated that the shooting and robbery were "to discipline" Pac. So this is why Tupac had lashed out at Diddy and Biggie, because of their ties to Henchman and BMF. He believed that they either set him up, or knew about the plot and didn't warn him. He was robbed of everything except for a $25,000 watch, which was a gift from Haitian Jack. This further supports the theory that the rape case and the shooting were all part of an elaborate plan to get rid of Shakur or at least teach him a lesson for not signing with Bad Boy a few years earlier. Even 50 cent, who was not involved in any of this or even on the music scene at the time, spoke about these incidents. In his song "Many Men", the lyrics read "The feds didn't know much, when Pac got shot. I got a kite from the pen, that told me Tut got knocked". Word on the streets was that after Shakur's murder, the FBI picked up Walter Tut Johnson, and spent many hours questioning him about Tupac's murder.

So although there has been many theories about who might have wanted 2 Pac dead, I think the evidence excludes and eliminates the theory that it was due to a bicoastal fued.

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