When to See a Dermatologist for Dandruff

Dandruff is just like any other skin condition, it can vary depending on the person experiencing it. So while one person may have a very mild form of dandruff that's easy to keep under control with regular shampoos, another person may have a very severe form that doesn't react to over-the-counter treatment. The person with the severe form may even need to see a dermatologist if their dandruff is severe enough. So when exactly should you see a dermatologist about your dandruff? Well first you should assess the situation to make sure that seeing a doctor is really warranted. Doctor visits can be expensive for some people and can cause insurance rate increases. If you're going to see a dermatologist, you should first make sure it's absolutely necessary.

If you're currently dealing with dandruff, you should really try to treat it at home first. There's a wide array of different shampoos that you can buy over-the-counter that are designed specifically for controlling dandruff. If you've only tried one type, you may be surprised to learn how effective other types can be. Different shampoos can have different ingredients, so if you're only familiar with one type, maybe it's time to start testing others out and see if they help you at all. If you find something that works, but only temporarily, then try to alternate between that type and another type. You may even want to try different natural remedies for dandruff. Just make sure that you've done your homework before putting anything foreign on your scalp.

If it's been a month or two and you still don't see any change from using different products, you should definitely make an appointment with a dermatologist. Also, you should make sure that your condition is really just common dandruff. Try to do some research on the internet to establish what exact type of skin condition it may be. If it's something more severe than dandruff, you might not even want to wait for a month or two before seeing a doctor. If you scalp is bleeding, for example, or you are experiencing sudden hair loss, then you definitely shouldn't hesitate to book an appointment.

Once you visit a dermatologist, they will probably ask you a few questions about your diet or daily habits or hygiene. If the doctor determines that your dandruff can not be treated without medication, they may prescribe prescription shampoos or lotions that are designed for severe skin conditions. One such product is Capex shampoo, which can be quite expensive, but has helped many people eliminate their dandruff. However, many shampoos like Capex contain steroids, so they may not be safe to use for extended periods of time. If your doctor prescribes you one of these types of steroid-based shampoos, your prescription would basically explain how long you should use it for. One of the most common steroids that is used to treat skin conditions is called Kenalog. This particular steroid can come in both a lotion or cream and in injection form.

After you speak with a dermatologist and attain a prescription or advice on treatment, you will most likely have to follow the doctor's instructions for a number of weeks or even months before your dandruff may start to clear. But there are still many situations where a person tries a prescription treatment and sees instant results, so you may get lucky, depending on how severe the situation is.

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