Tupac and the Illuminati

Tupac Shakur: Greatest Rapper of All Time, Excellent Actor, Thug Life Creator, Equal Rights Activist....Enemy to the Illuminati? I've been a 2pac fan for about 15 years now. Fan is not even a strong enough word for what I am. I would describe myself as a fanatic. I know every one of his songs, I know his life story and the life stories of the people he associated with. I'm even wearing Makaveli shoes as I type this. I was researching his life before the internet took off, before I had convenient tools like Google to learn more about him. When the internet was popularized and became common in virtually every household, I immediately jumped on the search engines in search of information I may not have already known about him. It wasn't until about 2004 or 2005 that I began to hear rumours about 2pac and the illuminati. This was most likely sparked by this new teen generation's interest in the New World Order, thanks to fictional writers like Dan Brown. Most of the comments and videos I see from teens online regarding Pac and this secret society are false, so I thought I'd write this article to explain what this man was all about and get down to the real facts regarding his beliefs on this topic.

Tupac did not believe in the illuminati. He made this very clear numerous times in interviews and songs. But you know how people can be when it comes to some things. They have an interest in the Illuminati, so they hear him say that word and automatically assume he's "exposing them". They fail to see the forest through the trees, they miss out on the big picture and then convince others that he was some kind of warrior, fighting against this secret organization. He originally heard about the Illuminati while in prison. Members of the Nation of Islam tried to tell Pac that the Illuminati was behind his 1994 shooting. He didn't believe that, he believed that associates of Bad Boy Records were behind his shooting (and had evidence that may suggest this theory was true). So he then did an interview once he was released from prison, in which he mocked those who tried to convince him it was the Illuminati. He made fun of Louis Farrakhan, who is a top representative for the Nation of Islam. In layman's terms, he basically said something to the effect of "How does the Nation of Islam know about the plans of the Illuminati, who told them? If they wanted to kill me, why would they tell Farrakhan? Who told him? The Pope?, how does this guy in jail now about the secret plan?" 2pac was clearly making fun of people who believe in the illuminati. He then stated "That's why I'm putting the K to it, because I'm killing that illuminati shit, that's just another way to keep us down. They are always talking about the eyes and a face on the dollar bill. I don't care who's eyes are on the money, as long as people accept that money when I try to buy something.". He went on to say "You're so concerned with what's ON the money and thinking about that, that you're not GETTIN' the money".

Many people quote his line from the song They Don't Give a Fuck About Us, and try to use that to justify their beliefs that he was some kind of fighter against this New World Order. In the song, he says something like "Some say expect Illuminati to take my body to sleep, but there's brothers at the party that are just as rowdy as me. Before I flee computer chips, I got to deal with brothers flippin".

He's basically saying that he's a thug, he's rowdy, and there's people in this world just as dangerous as him. So instead of worrying about secret organizations coming to kill him, he should worry about the real threats such as black on black crime. That's also why he says that about the computer chips. That's a minor threat compared to brothers flippin on him.

So I hope I explained this whole thing to you, if you weren't already aware of the facts. If you see somebody trying to claim that Tupac was fighting against the Illuminati or that the NWO killed him, please show them this article and try to explain it to them in an easy to understand context. Maybe they will see the truth and stop spreading rumours. If they want to know who really killed Tupac , they don't need to look much further than the MGM Grand's Security Tapes on the night he was killed. It's ironic that the man who wanted to stop people from talking about the illuminati has now become the symbol of people who fight against it. In people's minds, he's become the exact thing he was denouncing.

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