Sherlock Holmes Movie Helps Fuel Illuminati Fad

The current interest in the illuminati by younger generations has definitely overstayed it's welcome in pop culture by now. There has always been a bit of interest around the topic, for hundreds of years. But in the the past 10 years or so, this interest has peaked, particularly amongst people who are under the age of 25. Many have associated everything from Tupac Shakur to Justin Bieber with the illuminati or similar "secret societies" known by other names. Corporate America, like they are known for doing, has taken notice of the current interest and has been incorporating the illuminati/secret society theme into all different types of products, music, and movies. The United States wouldn't be a Capitalist country if we didn't have businesses looking for new ways to capitalize on emerging trends and fads amongst the teen generations. We've seen hundreds of thousands of websites pop-up in the past 10 years that are selling merchandise, authors such as Dan Brown writing books, musicians talking about it in their music, movies such as National Treasure and Tomb Raider, and even tv shows such as Walt Disney's cartoon Gargoyles. I recently watched the Guy Ritchie film Sherlock Holmes, starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law, and couldn't help but notice how yet another Major Motion Picture company is attempting to cash in on the current illuminati fad by throwing in all kinds of symbolism and subliminal messages into the movie's plot and storyline. If you've seen the film already, there's probably many things related to the current conspiracy theory fad which you may or may not have noticed. Let's take a look at some of the more obvious ones and discuss the similarities.

The movie is basically about a character named Lord Blackwood, who supposedly returns from the dead to wreak havoc on the world, starting with England. From the beginning of the film, all the viewers can assert is that the man is either a sorcerer, a magician, or just a very clever con-artist. His ultimate plan for the world is to cripple people with fear by using black magic, in order to control them. This is strikingly similar to how many people claim that the illuminati wants to control the masses with money, the media, fear, and politics. He enlists several men to help him execute his ideas, including Lord Coward, who is the current Home Secretary. This further enforces conspiracy theorist's interest in the movie, because according to many of them, most of the illuminati is comprised of politicians, with a few celebrities here and there. The fact that Lord Coward already belongs to a group of powerful and elite people, known simply as The Fraternity, and the fact that they meet up in a building known as The Temple of the Four Orders, isn't helping the situation and is only perpetuating things further. Several things commonly associated with the illuminati come to mind when I think about temples, such as the egyptian pyramid found on the back of most dollar bills that is often associated with illuminati claims.

Lord Blackwood eventually wants to take over the United States, who split away from England, in order to unite everybody once again. He refers to this plan as "The New Order", which is too close in resemblance to the alleged plan of the Illuminati, known as "The New World Order". He also says that the U.S. will be an easy target because it's lost much of it's military strength by fighting in a civil war. Well I can't count how many times I've heard people try to say that the Illuminati used wars like Vietnam, the Gulf War, Afghanistan and the Iraq War, as distractions or small steps that are part of a much bigger plan. Also, one of the first steps in Blackwood's plan, is to kill people in the upper hierarchy who may pose a threat, including his own father and most of the British Parliament. This only further enforces the beliefs of some conspiracy theorists, who argue that the reason many people in high positions of authority don't speak out about the illuminati, is because they are identified and then silenced before they have a chance to. This was one of their main arguments for why Michael Jackson and 2pac were killed.

There is also a lot of symbolism in this movie as well, just like most movies that have some kind of subliminal message for theorists. When Sherlock Holmes is attempting to figure things out, such as where the next murder will occur, he begins to study black magic. While examining things, he notices that there are many symbols used in the book of spells, that correlate to those who have already been killed by Lord Blackwater and his henchman. The symbols include a lion, an oxe, a man, and an eagle. This easily reminds me of the pyramid on dollar bills that I spoke of, with the symbol of an eye at the top of it. Many people say that this is the eye of the illuminati, watching over the masses of people, even though it's technically the Eye of Providence. The pyramid's steps, though it actually represents the first 13 colonies of the Union, have been defined as meaning many other things by conspiracy nuts.

So as you can see, this film has many subliminal messages and references in it, that were cleverly injected into the storyline to spark interest and cash-in on yet another current conspiracy debate. Now this isn't to say that Sherlock Holmes wasn't a great movie. Even with all the symbolism and hidden messages, it was still worth renting and didn't take anything away from the overall plot of the movie. But if you're a conspiracy theorist, and you spend much of your life talking about these types of things, you should at least be aware that corporate companies are putting these things in their products in order to bait you and get you to buy more of what they're selling.

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