Review: Target Acetaminophen PM

I'm an insomniac who has dealt with mild insomnia for as long as I can remember. I've tried many different types of over the counter medications and sleep-aids to deal with my problem including Tylenol PM, Member's Mark (Maximum Strength Sleep Aid), and Ambien. I have a fear of prescriptions, mainly because of the life altering side effects that can sometimes occur, so I've always been reluctant about seeking professional help and have done a pretty good job when it comes to avoiding the doctor's office for this problem. It's not an every day problem, but I had to learn to work from home since I'm unable to get to sleep for 48 hours at least two or three times a month and it was affecting my job. Recently I visited my local Target store and purchased a bottle of acetaminophen pm, which is their copycat generic version of Tylenol PM. I tried it for a few days and wasn't very satisfied with it, so I thought I'd write a review for others in case you're wondering what to expect when taking them.

The directions on the bottle state that adults should take two pills before bedtime. So the first night, I only took one caplet to see if it was powerful enough, because normally I only take one tylenol pm even though the bottle says to take two, since one is powerful enough for me. After about 20 minutes, I began to feel the effects and drowsiness start to come over me. They worked much faster than the tylenol pm's I usually take, and one was definitely enough to begin to feel tired. However, after about an hour, I was still tired but was lying awake in bed. For some reason, these pills made me feel like as if I needed to sleep, but at the same time, they kept me awake. As soon as I began to doze off, I would suddenly snap out of it and realize that I was dozing off, which caused me to stay awake. So, oddly, they gave me both a feeling of drowsiness and a feeling of restlessness at the same time.

The second night, I followed the instructions and took 2 about an hour before I was ready to go to sleep. This time it took about 40 minutes before I felt any effects. The difference in the times was probably because I took them on an empty stomach the first night. After those 40 minutes of waiting for the drowsiness to hit me, I layed down for about 20 minutes before I actually fell asleep. When I awoke the next morning, I had a very hard time getting up. This is common with many different types of sleeping pills, so it came as no surprise to me. However, the one major difference between these pills and Tylenol PM's, was that I felt groggy for the remainder of the day with these, while with the Tylenol PM's I would usually snap out of it after a coffee or a drink with caffeine in it. While I was asleep, I had very vivid dreams and I was able to remember them vividly the next morning. This is also common with many other sleeping aids that contain Diphenhydramine (the main ingredient in most of these types of medicines).

My overall sentiment about these pills is that they are not worth the money. While they appear to have the same or similar ingredients to Tylenol PM and many other brands of sleep aids or extra strength over-the-counter medicines, these particular ones acted differently for some reason and didn't seem to be as effective as the Tylenol's I'm accustomed to. As far as their effects on headaches, I did try them one night when I had a mild headache they didn't take away the headache as well as the Tylenol PM did either. Since doing this experiment, I've learned to fall asleep naturally by watching my caffeine intake during the day, not eating before I lie down, and by making sure to stay active and by getting enough exercise. But if you absolutely feel that there is no way for you to get to sleep without sleeping medicine, I would try the other brands available and avoid this particular brand.

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