Red Dead Redemption and GTA 4 Comparison

Many people are comparing Rockstar Game's newest release, Red Dead Redemption, to their previous commercial success Grand Theft Auto IV. This only makes sense, since Red Dead Redemption is practically the newest game in the GTA series (except for the fact that it's setting takes place long before all the GTA games). I now own both games, and love them both, so I thought I'd compare the two to let other gamers know what they can expect if they haven't played both.

Red Dead Redemption has much better graphics than GTA 4. The minute I started playing it, this was obvious. The advancement in graphics in RDR, compared to GTA 4, can best be summed up as being similar to the difference in graphics between GTA 4 and Vice City. They are much more detailed and the most noticeable thing about RDR's graphics is the realistic colors. You won't really notice the poor detail in GTA 4's colors until you play RDR.

I had been playing Red Dead Redemption for awhile, and decided to go back to playing GTA 4 for about a half hour just to see what it would be like now that I'm used to RDR. I loved GTA 4 and always thought it was very realistic gameplay until I had gotten used to RDR. Almost instantly, I noticed the difference in camera movements. GTA 4 felt very slow and sluggish as I was moving my character around and spinning the camera 360 degrees. The camera movement is much quicker in RDR, and feels much more natural. Another thing I noticed is the noises the guns make. I never really noticed any problem with the guns in GTA 4, but again, playing Red Dead Redemption opened up my eyes and made me spoiled. While shooting the automatic weapons and regular handguns in GTA 4, I suddenly felt a little disappointed in the fake gunshot noises they make.

I didn't notice much difference in the people's actions in GTA 4 when compared to Red Dead Redemption. They are a little more random in RDR, but not much of a difference. One major difference is the fact that RDR has random scenarios involving some strangers on the street. But when it comes to just your average run of the mill strangers who are just walking around, I didn't notice any stark contrast between the two.

Cars vs Horses
Before I first played Red Dead Redemption, I was expecting to be disappointed with the horses. I thought "how could the horses possibly compare to fast cars in GTA 4? I'm really going to miss those cars". It is true that I kind of miss the cars, but after going back to GTA 4 for a little bit, I noticed that it doesn't really matter because you still have much more control with the horses movements than you do with the cars. Though the horses are not as fast as cars, you don't really notice this because they move so quickly in comparison to everything else in the game.

City Vs Country
I'm personally a city person myself. I've loved cities most of my life, so I really wasn't too excited about a sandbox game that takes place in the mountains and fields of the countryside. But now that I've played both games, I actually prefer the countryside in Red Dead, because it gives you a sense of having more freedom and control. Everything feels more confined and boxy in GTA 4 after playing the other, and I never really noticed how much space in the game all those buildings take up.

So anybody who has GTA 4 and is thinking about getting Red Dead Redemption, I urge you to give it a try. I'm sure you'll be more than satisfied. On the other hand, anyone who has already played RDR but not GTA 4, you may want to think twice about buying GTA 4, or at least rent it first. It may actually be a big disappointment if you're already spoiled by the stunning graphics and awesome gameplay of Red Dead Redemption.

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