Lonely Tourists in Thailand Fall for Bargirl Scam

In Thailand, there is a thriving sex industry that attracts sex tourists from all over the world. The most common places to find women working in this industry would be the bars, brothels, and massage parlors that are found in seedy areas such as Pattaya, Patong, and Patpong. While there's been many documentaries that portray the women working in these establishments as victims, there's been very little coverage in regards to some of their clients being scammed, and falling for one of the oldest tricks in the book. The scam is simple, and just like majority of other scams out there, it's success relies on how naive the victim is. This particular hustle can affect both men and women, but since there are far more male sex tourists than female, I'll explain the details of this scam from a male victim's point of view.

How it Starts
It all starts when a foreign or wealthy man walks into a bar. He sits down and meets a woman who works at the bar. They enjoy some conversation, maybe even a few drinks. Next thing he knows, they are headed back to his hotel room, or somewhere outside of the bar. The woman may even want to go to the movies or to a restaurant, and it may seem like a normal date. But what the man doesn't realize, is that all of it is just part of this woman's secret plans. Now what happens directly after they leave the bar is not important. They may end up sleeping in the same bed, or the woman may choose to go home instead and arrange for future plans with the man, maybe a date to the movies or a bite to eat. It all seems very innocent and no different than any normal relationship. In many instances, it is and the woman may have all the best intentions in the world for the man. But it's not always innocent, and once the man begins to trust the woman and fall head over heels for her, that's when her plan goes into effect.

The Scam
The men who visit these types of countries are usually not very rich, but still somewhat wealthy by Thailand's standards. So the men will often have to go back to their home countries after their visit, at least for a little while so they can save up money until they can return again. They may not have the money to bring another person back with them, or visas for that person may be a problem. So while the man has fallen in love with this woman he just met, he may still have to leave her in Thailand until his return. This could take months, maybe even a year or two. While this is happening, the woman will probably have to return to the bar or brothel where she worked, so she can continue to support herself. The man, who thinks he just gained a new girlfriend, will typically not be too happy when he discovers that his new soulmate will have to go back to that line of employment, especially when he pictures her being with other men. So he will start sending her money each month so she doesn't have to do that anymore, and she will tell him that she's given that life up. Now in many cases, the girl may be telling the truth and may actually have left that type of life. But there's still many who aren't telling the truth, and are lying to their foreign lovers. They aren't stupid, and they don't all work in bars to meet future husbands. Many choose to work in those types of places because they are all about business and making money. So while this poor sucker is sending his money to his supposed girlfriend each month, she's meeting other guys and tricking them into doing the same thing. Before you know it, she has 10 foreign boyfriends who are all sending her money, each one thinking that she's left that life and is staying away from those types of places.

The Moral
I guess the only moral of the story to be learned here is to stay away from the bar girl types if you can. If you do happen across those types of women, you should be very cautious and try not to put all your trust into them. While many of them can be very innocent, sweet, and genuine, there are still many more out there who are cunning business women that use their young and pretty looks to work their hustle and scam naive people. I've heard many stories about men who visit places like Thailand and The Philippines and date women even for as long as 7 years, then end up being scammed after trusting them and giving them money to invest in property or other things. If you're an older man who is looking for a girlfriend or wife who is half your age, you need to be realistic about things. The odds of a girl in her 20's actually being attracted and falling in love with a man in his 50's or 60's is not very probable. While looks are a superficial thing to base a relationship on, and while age is just a number, you should still be honest with yourself about how people are and how the world works. It's always better to be safe than sorry.

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