Is the Illuminati Real?

What exactly is the illuminati and why are so many people talking about it? On youtube, yahoo, and many other social sites on the internet, you will most likely find teens occassionally mentioning the illuminati and the celebrities that are thought to be associated with it. So are President Obama, Jay Z, Kanye West, and Rihanna all members of a secret organization or is this just a conspiracy theory? In this article, we'll discuss this and cite some details of research on the subject.

The Illuminati was a bavarian organization that was formed in the late 1700's. The 1700's were known as the Age of Enlightment, a time when people began to promote freethinking and idealogies. They believed how many democracies believe today, that reason and logic should be important, especially in political circles. For example, a law should not be passed unless it's somehow reasonable and makes sense. Much of the logical thinking we have in civilized societies today most likely came from the ideals of freethinkers in the Age of Enlightment. The illuminati was formed to be an organization for these types of freethinkers, to resist tyranny.

In modern day conspiracy theories, many people associate the Illuminati with a New World Order, or a one world government who wants to rule over everybody, sort of like dictators. As stated before, the original Illuminati Order was formed to resist tyranny and promote free thinking, so it's ironic how the definition has been twisted over the years and now that phrase is almost synonymous with tyrannical government. Many people have written books about this topic, most notably Dan Brown with Angels and Demons and the Da Vinci Code. Books like these have incorporated religion and conspiracy theories of secret societies, intertwined. Because of this, many people associate this secret society with satanism and the number 666. This is particularly true amongst teens today, who have shown an increased interest in the topic due to these books and movies and others like them.

Many teens believe that pop and rap stars such as Lady Gaga, Jay Z, Beyonce and even Jay Leno are members of the illuminati society. However, even adult conspiracy theorists do not believe this, because none of these people are very important in the big scheme of things on planet earth. To a teenager, these people may seem very important because they are talked about so often in school and amongst other teens. But can you really imagine a person like Kanye West or Lady Gaga sitting at the same table with someone like Obama and discussing important world events and financial matters? I seriously doubt it. If there was a secret group of people controlling the world economy, incidents like 9/11 and the Iraq War and the stock market, it certainly wouldn't be people like Jay Z and Madonna. It would be people like Ben Bernanke, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffett. But those people are boring to teens, and it's much more fun to create conspiracy theories that involve celebrities they are most familiar with, such as Gaga and Jigga. They have even gone as far as to state that 2pac was fighting against the illuminati and threatened to expose them, and that's who murdered Tupac . They have also given this as a reason for Michael Jackson's death as well. Michael Jackson's death was most likely an accident, and there is no connection between Tupac and the Illuminati, other than the fact that he stated he did not believe in it.

So I can't say that there is no secret organization or New World Order composed of Freemasons, there's no way for anyone to prove that so the rumour will always linger in modern culture, but I can say for sure that there this conspiracy story has taken on legs of it's own and this new generation of teens has pushed the rumours and stories to the max and I won't be surprised if they link all of this to any future events or current tragedies such as the Haiti and Chile earthquakes.

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