Is Lockerz a Scam?

If you haven't heard of Lockerz yet, you must be living under a rock. It's quite possibly one of the top 200 most popular websites on the internet by now. Teenagers are going crazy for this website and referring all their friends as well. Everyday I come across posts that read things such as "Who wants a Lockerz invite", which is the referral that is needed for a new member to join. So this all got me thinking "What if this is the most elaborate scam in the history of the internet?". In this article, we're going to explore the makings of this site and I'm going to make a few points and ask a few questions that many people are not asking, when they should.

Lockerz seems to be similar to other online survey companies on the net, in that it rewards it's users for answering questions. The main difference between this company and other companies, it that it rewards it's users with prizes instead of cash or paychecks. Now I'm not defending the paid survey companies, because many of them are scams, despite the fact that they claim to pay their visitors. Even the ones that do pay can be scams, in that their main goal is to get their users to reveal personal information so they can spam them later. But I must say, the method Lockerz uses to reward their users seems even more suspicious than the usual survey companies, so I decided to investigate this further.

First off, why would Lockerz reward it's users with prizes instead of paying out money? One theory is that many teens may not be in the position to pay taxes or handle money or cash paychecks. This brings me to another question, why is the site geared towards teens in the first place? All the prizes seem to be things only teenagers are usually interested in, such as skateboards, playstations, and tmobile sidekicks. Could it be that maybe this is because teens are easier to fool? An adult will usually suspect something suspicious right off the bat, because they have more experience in life when it comes to frauds and scammers. Teens can be much more naive and more vulnerable to scams since they don't have as much experience in the world.

The website appeared out of nowhere in 2009, and quickly became one of the most visited websites in the world within a matter of only a few months. The only way for this type of popularity to happen would be if the company had lots and lots of promotional money to spend on advertising. Yet I don't see many Lockerz ads on the internet while I'm surfing the usual teen social sites, such as Yahoo Answers, Myspace, Youtube, Bebo etc., despite the fact that it is a website which seems to be almost exclusively geared towards teens. The only forms of advertising I see, is teens in videos and on forums talking about how they received prizes from Lockerz, and even showing off their prizes on video, with the boxes they were shipped in as well. The more I googled things, the more I found out information about this company. There's another company by the name of Fanscape. Fanscape pays their employees to follow instructions and help make ads for clients. I found out that Lockerz is affiliated with Fanscape, because they are rumored to be one of their clients. I also read on a few sites that Fanscape's employees will sometimes do assignments that include "faking" things (such as winning prizes from a certain company while on video...hint hint). So if you see some young man or pretty girl on youtube showing off the prizes they received from Lockerz, and the comments on their video are may want to take everything they say with a grain of salt. In other words, Proceed with caution.

I always see people asking "When's the next Lockerz redemption date"? A redemption date is the date when the company supposedly counts up everybody's points, and sends out "gifts". Yet they always seem to be out of stock on this date, no matter what time you visit. The only items that aren't out of stock are the real cheap items that aren't worth much. How are all these people getting that many points in only a few months to get the higher priced items that require the most points, and why would none of them use a few points to get the smaller items just to make sure the company is legit? I don't know about you, but if I had 200 points, and a plastic toy costs 5 points, I'd use up 5 of my points just to see if the company would send it, before I start trying to get the bigger things. So why are the prizes that require less points never out of stock, if more people have points for these items sooner than the items that require more points? I mean the products that are in the price range of $2 to $10 if they were purchased in a store. It just doesn't make sense. Nothing about this corporation makes sense, unless it's a scam, then it all makes sense. Some people defend them and say "well I received a tshirt after I got so many points and referred so many people". But how much does a tshirt cost them to make? About a $1 if they get it from Thailand or somewhere like that if they buy them in bulk. So that really doesn't prove much, and why wouldn't they run out of tshirts if they run out of Playstations?

Another question one must ask, is how does this company make money? If they are giving away merchandise, how do they recoup the costs of those items? This is the the single most suspicious thing about this company. There are no companies out there that pay people to answer a few questions, such as "What's your favorite ice cream" or "what do you think about Lady Gaga", yet those are the types of questions Lockerz asks people. So who's paying them to ask these questions? And are the opinions of teenagers really worth the amount of points they give them for answering each question? It just doesn't add up. From an economics standpoint, the numbers don't crunch. You should always question where the profit is coming from. When I began to do this, I suddenly came up with a theory of what I think is going on and how this company is making money.

My theory is that this company is not making money now, they are preparing to make money. I believe they are in a beta phase now, which means a trial phase, and they are just focused on building traffic, or website visitors. I believe it's a corporate run company, like Ebay, since the owner was once a high ranking employee for Amazon. I believe she is attempting to create a competitor for Amazon, and learned how Amazon works while working there. Why would she leave Amazon, a business that sells items online, to start an entirely different company that gives away items in exchange for opinions? I don't think she would. I think she would try to start a company exactly like Amazon, that sells items. So I believe she is just getting teens hyped up right now, getting them excited and talking about her company, so they refer others and post links to Lockerz all over the internet. This way, when the real site is ready to launch, they will already have millions of visitors each month, so they can then list all their products for sale, and recoup some of the advertising money they used during the beta phase. I believe that there are no playstations available for points. I think that once they launch the real site, they will allow people to use those points to get discounts on the products. But very minor discounts. For example, if someone has 1,200 points, and it took them 3 days to acquire that, they will probably give you a $10 discount. But is 3 days of work really worth $10? This is why I feel it is a scam and why I'm very suspicious of this company. I hope you think about things and use good judgment.

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