HP Pavilion DV9000 Entertainment PC Review

I purchased the DV9000 laptop a few years ago and I thought I'd review it to let others know what to expect. It's my first laptop, so I can't really compare it to any others, but I'll attempt to point out the pros and cons of this computer while mentioning the specs.

The DV9000 has a Mobile AMD Turion 64 Dual Core Processor with 1.90ghz speed. I have a desktop computer that has 2.8ghz speed, and I don't notice much of a difference between the two. However, it seemed to slow down a little bit once I began to run out of space while saving more things to my hard drive such as videos and pictures. It comes with 1.00 Ram. The C drive initially has 140GB worth of space available, and once there was only 2GB worth of space left, it began to run slower. But this could also be because of repeated use and not necessarily because of less space, because by the time I reached only 2GB left, I had already been using the computer for about 2 years.

It comes with a 17 inch widescreen lcd display. This is it's best feature. It's great for watching movies on. I have nothing negative to say about the display itself. I've seen other laptops in the stores and this one seems to be king compared to most models when it comes to the screen display. But I have had major problems with the casing around the display screen. The plastic casing around it has broken in half, so I have to be real careful when moving the laptop around now. This is most likely my fault and not the manufacturers however, because I constantly picked the computer up by it's display area instead of holding it at the base or main keyboard area or underside.

This laptop comes equipped with a NVIDIA GeForce Go 7600 Graphic Card. It's splendid when watching movies, but as I ran out of space on the C Drive, this was also affected. Not DVD's so much, but online streaming videos began to freeze and I would have to start the computer over again. This may not be due to the graphic card but the lack of hard drive space, so I can't really knock the graphics card since it still holds up great when watching DVD movies.

I like how it has 4 USB Ports. The 4 slots are convenient because I'm always plugging and playing devices and would probably be frustrated if it didn't have that many slots. There is also 2 outlets for headphones which is also pretty cool. I never tried plugging two headphone sets into both ports, but I assume they would both be able to play audio through the headphones at the same time.

At 7.8 pounds, this computer is not heavy at all for it's size. The screen is massive for a notebook, but doesn't seem to add too much weight. It seems very light for it's width and all.

This is where most of my complaints are focused. The battery life of this computer isn't so great, especially when you have the screen on with a bright display. It does have the option to change the settings and lower the brightness and performance to save battery power, but it still isn't that great. The charger eventually broke after 2 and a half years of use. I haven't replaced it yet, as it just broke about a month ago. Basically, I have to keep the computer plugged while it's on. If I unplug the charger for even a second, the computer will automatically shut off and power down without saving. So it won't stay charged and always says "charging" while the charger is plugged in, even though it never fully charges (or even partially charges). It may be the battery itself, but I suspect it's the charger and not the battery because if I leave the computer on too long, the charger becomes very hot now and shuts off (there's a blue light when it's plugged into the computer, so I can tell it's the charger shutting off).

My biggest gripe is the Quickplay feature. This feature alone would cause me not to purchase this model ever again. There is this button near the display and above the keyboard that activates a program called Quickplay, which is sort of like a media center on the computer. There have been many times where I've been working and accidently hit this button, and then have to wait for the program to come up so I can shut it down again. This became an annoyance. The button itself is way too sensitive and grazing your hand over it to hit keys on the keyboard or adjust the screen angle can set off the button and cause the quickplay media center program to show up. Very annoying.

All in all, I liked this computer for the first 2 and a half years I had it, aside from that annoying Quickplay feature. I never had to bring it in for repairs or anything like that, until now. So if you expect your computer to last longer than two and a half years, you may want to see what else is on the market.

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