How to Win a Girl's Heart in High School

So you got a crush on a girl in high school, and who knows, maybe it's even love. That part doesn't matter because developing feelings for this girl is not your problem. Your problem is you don't know how to get her attention or win her over. Relax, this is far from a rare situation. In fact, there's probably thousands, no, millions of teenagers that are going through the same exact thing right now. Just imagine how many guys in your school are probably going gaga over some girl and wondering the same things you are. Now multiply that by every school in the state, and every state in your country, and you got a pretty good idea of how common this little problem actually is. No need to worry, no matter who you are, there's definitely a few things you can do that can help you win a girls heart in high school.

Hygiene is probably one of the most important aspects of winning a girl over. Girls, in general, are not attracted to people who don't take showers or take care of themselves. Women can be very critical when it comes to this area. So you may want to make sure that you don't smell like body odor the next time you walk up to that crush of yours and say hello. Wearing cologne, deoderant, or an anti-perspirant may help your cause as well. Try to keep your hair clean and free of dandruff and oil, and make sure your nails don't get too long. Also, be sure to check your fingernails and make sure there's no dirt under there. In my experience, clean fingernails are very important to most women and if you have dirt under your nails, it's one of the first things they will notice. If you have short hair, it can be harder to keep the dirt from staying under your nails, because usually when a person washes their hair, their nails become clean in the process. If you don't have much hair, this can be difficult or not possible. In this case, you may want to find a tool that you run under your nails to get all the dirt out.

Show Off
Not all women like a show off, and many actually hate them. But the sad truth of the matter is that a large majority of girls do love show offs. Imagine if life is a movie and everybody is characters in that movie. Most girls do not want to be dating the sidekick or lackey. They want to be with the main star of the movie. So you may want to start taking steps to make yourself the center of attention. Try not to be a loud mouth, because those types can be annoying to many people. But if you are around the girl you like, it might be a good idea to somehow divert attention to yourself so she notices you and thinks you're a big deal. Girls love a show off, daredevil, or bad boy type. So if there's a way for you to break the rules in front of her, without actually getting yourself into deep trouble, you might want to give it a shot and see what happens.

Be Charismatic
Charisma is the single most important aspect in picking up women, aside from money. A good looking guy with charisma is going to get lots of attention from women. A perfect example of this would be Johnny Depp. You'd have a hard time finding a girl who doesn't think Johnny Depp is sexy. But it's not just his looks that they are attracted to. It's his charisma, plus his looks. It's the whole package. If Johnny was just a boring guy with not many facial expressions and wasn't a very good actor, he probably wouldn't be so adored by girls. So even if you're an ugly guy, you still have a shot at winning over the girl of your dreams, as long as you can be charismatic. A good way to build up charisma is to practice acting in front of a mirror, or to constantly put yourself in situations where you must be social and practice engaging with people.

Be Nice, But Not Too Nice
Nobody likes a jerk, and women are no exception. You may see a beautiful woman walking down the street holding hands with a guy that is a known jerk. You may even ask yourself "What is she doing with that guy? He's such a jerk!". But thing is, she's not with him because he's a jerk, she's with him for other reasons like his charisma or his ability in showing off. Women like nice men, but as you probably already know, they don't like guys that are too nice. So if you think you can find a balance between being a jerk and being nice, that's probably your best bet. Nice guys are boring to girls, and most of them love bad boys. What they really want is an edgy niceguy, a guy that's right on the borderline. They want a guy that will protect and defend them, but be a gentleman when the situation calls for it. They want a guy that is exciting, but at the same time, someone that is boyfriend or marriage material.

Keep Her in the Dark
Have you noticed that younger girls are in love with Robert Pattinson from the Twilight movie? Ever wonder why this is? Well it's most likely because he's very mysterious. There's just something about him that is somewhat secretive, like there is something in his past that he isn't exposing on the surface. The point is, you want to keep a girl intrigued and interested in you. It's similar to playing cards or a game of poker. If you meet a girl for the first time, the last thing you should do is lay all your cards out on the table, so to speak. Try to hide your hand, but not too much. Give her a little information about yourself, such as your hobbies or your goals in life, but don't tell her everything all at once. Try to keep some things as secrets, so she will be curious and will take more interest in learning about you. Try to ration the information, and only give out a little at a time. As she begins to learn more and more about you, she will gradually become familiar with your life and your opinion and you may even grown on her if she thinks about you enough.

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