How to Tell If You Snore

Many people who snore when sleeping at night don't realize they actually do it. It's usually only after someone tells them they snore that they realize they do it. It's a serious problem for some people, because not only can it cause embarrassment to the snorer, but it can cause all kinds of frustration and problems in a person's social life. If someone snores and they meet a romantic interest who they really like, that romantic interest may wake up in the middle of the night every night to a loud snorer beside them and decide to leave. Snoring can cause others to lose sleep, in addition to the person who's doing it, so it can obviously affect everybody even if only one person is doing it. That's why you need to confirm if you're a person who snores or not and know for sure, because if you're unsure, it may be the cause of some of the problems in your life and you're not even aware of it. So here's a few ways that you can tell whether or not you're a snorer, and all of them can be helpful, but some ways are better than others.

Look for The Signs
When someone snores a lot, there will usually be many signs of this, because it can disrupt a person's sleep. You may feel very tired every day, even though you're sure you were in bed for at least 8 hours. You may not even remember waking up but this can happen many times throughout the night. You may suffer from some form of sleep apnea or other disorder that is causing you to snore and lose sleep. If you do remember waking up multiple times throughout the night, on a regular basis, then there's a chance that this is a clue that you're snoring. But while looking for signs is a good starting point when trying to determine all of this, it's in no way a definitive answer. Even if you have many warning signs, such as waking up many times, you should still take some of the other steps mentioned here to really ensure that it's snoring that's causing you to have these symptoms.

Ask Someone
Asking someone if you snore at night is a great way to pinpoint if you really do, if they say "yes". However, if they say "no" then you can't be certain that they're telling the truth. Remember, sometimes people want to be polite and they think they're doing this by not telling you the truth. They may want to avoid offending you, so they'll simply say you do not snore, when you actually do. It's best to ask anyone you live with, but even neighbors may hear you if they walk past your door at night or if you have thin walls. If they do confirm that you snore, then at least you'll know the truth then and won't have to take any other steps to make sure that you actually do. But as mentioned already, if they say "No you do not snore" then you're probably going to have to take other measures like recording yourself just to make absolutely sure. So this step is more of a way of saving you some time, in the off chance that a person admits that you do snore.

Record Yourself
You can always record yourself sleeping if you have a computer. You can try recording yourself with a webcam, but keep in mind that video can take up a lot of space on a computer's hard drive and you may run out of space on your laptop or desktop halfway through the night. A better option would be to record only audio. All you need to do is hook up a microphone if your computer doesn't already have one, then download any free audio recording program such as Audacity. With a program like that, all you have to do is hit the record button before you go to sleep and position the microphone somewhere near you in the room. When you wake up, you can look at the audio waves that it recorded and if you notice any spikes or large areas of blue in the audio wave, that's an area where a lot of noise occurred. It's easy to simply look at the audio track that was recorded, and notice where these spikes are. You can then position the mouse cursor over these points and play them back to see if that's a section of audio where snoring was recorded. You can actually hear yourself snoring if this turns out to be the case, and then you can know for certain if you're doing it in your sleep or not. This is a lot less time consuming than recording yourself and watching an 8 hour video or listening to the entire audio recording for points where you might have started snoring.

Visit a Clinic
There's many sleep clinics and medical organizations that can run tests on you and monitor you while you sleep to see if you snore, and more importantly, why you do it. There's even many research companies out there that will actually pay you to participate in their studies and trials and to undergo some sleep monitoring. These types of companies sometimes advertise online, on websites such as Craigslist. However, there's also many scammers who pose as these sort of companies so you have to be careful and do your homework if you're thinking about going to a trial or study. Go on the internet and research any clinic or organization that you're unsure of and see what other people are saying about it while ignoring any posts that appear to be fake or spam. The Stanford Sleep Center (officially called The Stanford Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine) is probably one of the most well-known sleep clinics in the United States, which is located in California. So even if you can't find a legit one in your area, you can always visit them if you have enough money to cover traveling there and sleeping a night or two in their clinic under observation.

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