How to Tell if a Person is Evil

Everybody has their own definition of what it means to be evil, but most people define it as being the opposite of good. This means doing immoral things that hurt others or cause problems for society.

There have been many people who fit this description in the history books over the years, but evil people are not just the types you see on TV or learn about in school.

Evil people exist in everyday society, even if others may not notice that they're evil. When you go to work or the grocery store, you're passing evil people as you walk without even realizing it.

Some of your closest friends might even be evil, but you wouldn't know it because they haven't had the opportunity to show their true colors yet. But there are a few ways to tell if a person is truly an evil person.

There are some main characteristics that almost all of these types of people have, and when you find all of those characteristics in a single person, there's a good chance that that person is evil. So here are the top three things you'll want to look for when trying to decide if a person fits the typical "evil" profile.

Narcissistic Behavior
One of the key traits that many evil people have is a narcissistic personality. This means that they are generally self-centered and put themselves first above everybody else in most situations.

Narcissistic people often think highly of themselves and this can be seen in how they treat other people. If you notice that a person is constantly putting others down while bragging about themselves, this may mean that they are narcissistic.

They may also constantly check themselves out in the mirror and may actually have trouble walking past mirrors without looking at themselves. This is different than a person who looks in the mirror due to being insecure.

A narcissistic person is doing it out of vain, not only out of concern for what others think about them, but also because they are that much in love with themselves. People who are narcissistic in this way usually have NPD, or Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Many evil people throughout history had NPD or at least showed some of the usual tell-tale signs of having it. Adolf Hitler believed that his race and his kind were superior over others, and this was most likely related to some form of narcissism or NPD.

Lack of Compassion for Animals
If you notice that a person has a lack of compassion for animals, than they may be a very evil person. Many serial killers once tortured or killed animals before moving on to people.

This is because true compassion means recognizing that we're all living things, and seeing that similarity before seeing the differences.

Racist people can't get past the differences between races, which is why they have the racist views they do. They don't view other races as humans like themselves, because the differences are too obvious to them and the similarities are hard to see as a result. This is why many evil people also happen to be racist.

The same goes for animal abusers, because if it were legal for them to do evil things against humans as well, they most likely would. It's easy for them to do evil things to anyone who is different from them, and as those differences become more apparent, the easier it is for them to do these things.

Most evil people think they're doing good things or don't feel guilty for what they're doing, and this is why. They will usually find the differences between themselves and their victims and point out those differences as a justification for their actions.

Those differences could be skin color, beliefs, nationality, gender, or even species.

Manipulative Behavior
If you look back on history, you'll see that most people who were considered evil also had some form of power over others.

Evil people often find themselves in positions of authority because many of them possess the ability to manipulate others. This usually requires some form of intelligence to pull off, and the majority of people would probably agree that evil people like Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot, and Charles Manson all had a high level of intelligence.

It's not that only evil people are intelligent, as we already know that there are very nice and sympathetic people in the world who are intelligent. But it's that evil people who are intelligent are the ones who have not only the intelligence to do evil things on a grand scale, but also the intelligence to manipulate others into helping them do it.

You may know someone in your everyday life who gets others to do things for them through manipulation. They may not seem as evil as some of the famous people I've already mentioned, but this may only be because they manipulative on a smaller level.

Who knows what horrible things they would do if they had the motivation to do them or were put in the scenarios that Adolf Hitler and Charles Manson found themselves in.

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