How to Not Be Afraid of Flying

If you're afraid of flying, you're definitely not alone. The fear of flying, often referred to as Aviophobia, appears on most top 10 lists when it comes to people's most common fears. There's many reasons a person may be afraid of flying. It could be the fact that an airplane is flying very high above ground and many people are afraid of heights, or it could be the fear of an accident happening. It could even be due to a person's claustrophobia, since a person on an airplane may feel trapped like a person in an elevator. There's so many reasons why a person may be scared to get on an airplane, but most of those fears can be overcome by using a few techniques or by seeing a doctor.

Talk to Your Doctor
If you're seriously scared of flying and you don't think you can do it on your own, you may want to speak to your doctor about it. Many doctors will prescribe anti-anxiety medication or sleep aids to help you get your mind off of air travel, at least for a few hours. I fly a lot and have been to many different doctors since I don't have a family practitioner, or a regular doctor that I return to each time. Majority of the time, I will go to walk-in clinics if I can afford it. I've been prescribed anti-anxiety medication such as Lorazepam, Xanax, and Clonazepam and they have all helped me in my travels. Once I was prescribed a tranquilizer, but that didn't work out so well (I had trouble getting up once the flight was over).

Make Yourself Tired
If you want a natural way to get over your fear of flying, you can always make yourself tired. For example, if you know your flight is going to be on Thursday at 11am, then try to stay awake on Wednesday night and don't go to sleep until you get on the plane. This way, once you're on the plane you'll either fall asleep and end up sleeping through most of the flight, or you'll be so tired that you won't be so much on edge. I've done this a few times and it can definitely help. The only problem is that you should be very careful not to fall asleep before you get on the plane. You wouldn't want to fly asleep while driving to the airport, or pass out while waiting in the airport terminal and miss your flight.

Have Some Drinks
If you're of legal age to drink alcohol, a few shots of liquor or a couple glasses of wine before a flight can really loosen you up and make you less paranoid. If you don't drink very often, you may want to drink just a little bit each day for the entire week leading up to the day of your flight. This is because some people get sick if they drink suddenly drink alcohol and normally don't, so you are preparing your body to drink a little that way you don't get sick on the flight. Just don't get carried away, you wouldn't want to make a fool of yourself while on the flight or develop an addiction to alcohol. If you want, you can even order drinks while on the flight. Most flights have liquor, beer and in some cases, wine.

Choose Your Seat Carefully
Depending on why you're scared, you may want to choose your seats carefully before purchasing your tickets. For instance, a claustrophobic person would probably want a window seat so they can feel less trapped. On the other hand, a person with a fear of heights may get more nervous if they have to look out a window for most of their flight, so they may opt to get an aisle seat instead.

Look At The Odds
If your fear, like most people, is based on the fear of an accident happening, you should check the statistics before you board your flight. I'm sure you've heard people say that you are much more likely to be in a car crash than an airplane crash. This is true and it may help you feel better about your flight if you look at airplane accident statistics before you go. Look at the percentages and what your odds are of being in an accident, and it may help put to rest some of the fears you may be having.

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