How to Make Money with Paid Surveys

I'm on the internet most of the day. It's not only my place of business, but my place for entertainment as well. I'm always seeing people asking questions about ways to make money online. The most common question I see, is "How can I get paid to take surveys". While it's definitely possible to make money from answering surveys, there are a few things you should know about it. So I'll try to explain these things in detail for you.

Are Paid Surveys a Scam? Yes and No. Some paid surveys are a scam, while others are not. Majority of them are not really interested in your opinion on the questions they ask you. They are basically designed to spam or scam you. What I mean by this is that they only ask you questions, so they can solicit you. So the vast majority of them may pay you to take the surveys, so they are legit, but at the same time, they are attempting to solicit you for other products and offers. In one scenario, a survey site may ask you to answer questions about your opinion on certain things. They will later use this information to determine the best ways to solicit you. If they ask you what your favorite type of cereal is, for example, they may use that information to send you mail or emails in which they are trying to get you to sign up to pay for some kind of product, such as the cereal you mentioned. In another surveys, they will attempt to deceive you. They will have you complete offers, then they will try to trick you into signing up for a product right there on the survey. They will say something such as "To finish this survey, please sign up for the trial subscription of this product, you can cancel later". So you may be thinking "Well this is ok because I can cancel as they say I can". Only thing is, they bill the credit card and then make it very difficult for you to cancel. Some things can not be canceled, and I learned this the hard way with an insurance package I purchased online once. They continued to bill me and my bank couldn't refund the items they billed me for, they could only stop future charges. I tried to call the company to get a refund, and they made it impossible to get a refund because they gave me a run around and said nobody was there to assist me, they were out of the office at the moment.

How Much Can You Make If you do decide to take the risk and get into paid surveys, don't expect to be making a full time or even a part time income from it. You will basically make peanuts. There are many ways to make money online, and paid surveys are one of the lowest paying and most time consuming ways. A typical survey will pay somewhere between $.10 cents to $1.00, but may take 10 minutes to a half hour to complete. It's just not worth the time in my opinion. Some survey companies pay people to refer others. You can then earn a certain percentage of what your referrals make, in addition to a sign up bonus. This doesn't pay as well as you think. I receive many visitors to my websites, and have tried many different ways to make money off those visitors including referrals to survey companies. It just doesn't pay off in the end. If I get 100 visitors, I may make .50 cents after trying to refer all of them. But I can make twice that or more if I choose other ways to make money off those visitors, such as building a website and putting ads on there.

Is There Any Other Way to Make Money with Surveys Yes, the best way is to start your own survey company, instead of going through a middle man. If you google "paid surveys", it's mostly middle man that you would be going through. Companies like GangsterGreed and CashCrate are middlemen. You can start a company like theirs, by following the methods they use. That is where the real money comes in. There are many affiliate networks like CommissionJunction and ClickBank, which have survey companies on there. These companies will allow you to put links on your website, which lead people to surveys. They will pay you somewhere between $1.50 and $3.00 per lead. A lead is someone that takes a survey. If you get 100 people a day to take surveys for you, this could really add up.

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