How to Make Money Hosting Websites

Hosting websites is definitely one of the best ways to make money online. Many people still do not know about this business, but most web designers and programmers are familiar with it. Hosting other people's websites can be extremely profitable, because it's a subscription based service. So as long as you can keep customers happy, your business will only continue to grow. With Reseller Hosting, pretty much anybody can start a hosting businss overnight. Below are the steps you need to take in order to accomplish this.

Find a Reseller There are many website hosts that offer Reseller Hosting. Two of the most well known ones are Hostgator and Godaddy. With Reseller Hosting, they basically set you up with everything you need to sell hosting to other people. They provide you with a certain amount of resources, such as web space, and you divide that up to your customers, depending on how much you want to allocate to each customer. Some resellers offer templates as well, so you can start off with a prebuilt website, and add payment programs to it such as Paypal or credit card processing programs, which some reseller hosts offer.

Find Customers Find your customers. There's a number of ways to do this. Some people advertise on forums, while other people people use pay per click advertising programs to pay for potential customers. In my opinion, the best way is to design websites or resell websites to people on sites such as Craigslist and Ebay. When you sell them a website, include hosting with the package. This way, once the purchase the website, they will be encouraged to host the website with you. So they will not only be paying for the website, but will remain a customer as they continue to pay you each month to host their website for them.

Allocate Resources When a Reseller sells you hosting, they will give you resources as I mentioned before. It's up to you to divide those resources to your customers, in any way you see fit. For example, let's say Hostgator sells you a Reseller Package with 24GB of space for around $24. Now what you can do, is divide that space up. Find 24 customers, and set each one up with hosting. Then give each customer a hosting package with 1GB of space for $5 a month. This will earn you $120 total. So after you pay Hostgator the $24 a month for the Reseller Package, you will be left with $96 total profit. Now imagine if you continue to build on this model every month. The money will just keep rolling in.

Keep Your Customers Happy As a Reseller, you are selling a subscription service. It's just like how people subscribe to magazines. The more monthly subscribers you have, the more money you make. So the key is to keep them happy. Go out of your way to keep each one happy, so not only will they stay with you each month, but they will recommend you to friends as well.

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