How to Make Money From Videos On Youtube

When it comes to making money online, Youtube is probably one of the best resources to do this. Billions of people use Youtube every day, yet only a small minority probably realize that it's an excellent way to make money online, and that there are several different ways to do this. If you're already familiar with the site as a casual user, than you may be surprised to learn about ways to earn money on there that you've never even thought of before. When most people think about Youtube, they view it as a source for entertainment and fun. When I think about it, I view it as an office, or a place to do business. To bring in a decent income from it, you should start to get into this type of mindframe. It's not easy for everyone, as it requires a little talent and know-how, but even though it may be difficult at first, most people can figure out how to turn it into a cash machine with a few weeks or months worth of work. So without further ado, I've listed below of the best ways to make money through youtube.

As a Partner
This one you're probably already familiar with, but if not, I'll explain. Youtube has a program called the Partner Program. This is where you essentially become a "partner" with them, by making high quality videos on a regular basis that attract lots of visitors. If you've ever seen a Michelle Phan video, than that will give you a good idea of what a partner is. She makes videos about make-up, but brings in thousands of visitors on a daily basis and continues to make new videos every few weeks. Youtube basically wants their website to be like a TV channel in a sense. So when partners make high quality videos, they are almost like episodes and are released every few days or weeks or once a month, just like syndicated TV shows. Now don't get discouraged by all the views Michelle Phan has. First off, you don't have to be quite as popular as she is to become a partner. She's one of the top partners, but there's still thousands of others who have much less daily views than her. Just because Bill Gates is at the top of the internet world, doesn't mean there aren't millions of people below him that are also internet entrepreneurs and making a decent income every month. Secondly, once Michelle became a partner, Youtube began to feature her more on the front page and in featured sections of the website. So lots of her viewers came after she was made a partner, so the sky is the limit once you actually do become one. There is no set criteria or requirements written in stone when it comes to being a partner. But the general consensus is that you should be making videos on a regular basis (at least once a month), and you should have a decent number of views on those videos and subscribers. I was invited to become a partner after I uploaded about 6 videos (once every 3 weeks) and I had about 800 subscribers and a combined total of 80,000 views on those videos. How much a partner makes will depend on what types of videos you are making. Youtube pays partners differently, because makeup videos probably bring in more revenue from ads than videos about UFO's. But I've read many places that partners typically make between $1 to $3 for every 1,000 views their videos get. So if your video gets 100,000 views, you will probably be making somewhere around $100-$300 for all those views.

Revenue Sharing
Revenue sharing is similar to being a partner, except for the fact that you will be paid differently and the requirements to become a revenue sharer are not as strict as the partnership requirements. I've uploaded 1 video before and because it became very popular (200,000 views in a year), I was invited to join Youtube's Revenue Sharing program for that 1 video. How it works is that you are basically paid when people click on ads on your videos. This is why the payment method differs from the partnership program, because that program pays you a set amount for every 1,000 views you get. With Revenue Sharing, there is no set amount, as it all depends on how much the advertisers are paying for their ads to display that day. The ads displayed on your videos are Google Adsense ads. So you will be paid through Adsense and not Youtube, and you must abide by all the Adsense rules while you're sharing revenue on your videos. So let's say you have ads showing on your video, and let's pretend somebody viewing your video clicks on one of the ads. This click can earn you anything from 1 cent to $4.00. Though it will typically be between .02 cents and .40 cents. It all depends on what your video subject matter is based on, because the ads will be relevant to your subject matter. If your video is about lawyers, then the ads will probably be related to lawyers or law firms. Those types of ads will typically pay more than ads related to Lady Gaga or Football. Once a person clicks on ad, the income earned from that ad is split between you and Youtube. That's why it's called Revenue "Sharing". Now although I've been invited to join this program many times for various videos and clips I've uploaded, I've always declined the invitation and chose not to go with revenue sharing. The reason for this brings me to the next method of making money online below.

Using a Website
The reason why I choose not to join the Revenue Sharing program each time I'm invited, is because in order to have people clicking ads on your videos, those people who click the ads may leave your video and go to the advertiser's website. This is a lost opportunity, because you could be keeping that person as your own customer, instead of sending them to someone else's site. For example, you could set up a website and sell something on it or even make an informational website with Google Adsense ads on it. Then you can send viewers from your videos to your site, by advertising your site on the screen of your video using annotations after you've posted the video, or by putting a logo or message on the screen before you finish creating the video. You can also place links to your website in the video description area below the video, which gives you twice the opportunity to gain visitors to your site. The reason why I feel it's more beneficial to put Adsense ads on your site, rather than make money from the Adsense ads in the Revenue Sharing program, is because I feel people are more likely to click on ads on a website than on a video, and also because you don't have to "share" the revenue with Youtube if the ads are on your own site. Even if you don't know how to make a well-designed website, you can always set up a blog on sites like blogger, simply and quickly. Some people, like myself, choose to create informational sites and place ads around the information, while others choose to sell products, whether physical or digital (ebooks, downloadable guides etc.). Just remember, if you do choose to go with an informational site, you must create the content on your site yourself, or purchase it from the person who owns the copyrights on that content. Google will disable your Adsense ads and maybe even penalize your website in it's search engine rankings if they catch you copying content that doesn't belong to you.

As an Affiliate
If you don't have products of your own to sell on your website, or even if you don't want to setup a website but still want to sell products through youtube, you can always become an affiliate for other companies. If you've never heard of Affiliate Marketing, I'll explain the basics to you. Affiliate Marketing is basically when you sell products for another company online, and they give you a commission for each item you sell. Sometimes you don't even have to sell products to the companies, but still get paid simply by referring people to the company who may convert into customers eventually. When you sign-up as an affiliate for a company, they will usually give you links to various products they offer. Then you can post those links on your website, or even in your video description on Youtube, and if people click on those links and it results in a sale, you get paid by that company. This is similar to how some people sell Avon products door-to-door, or how a person working in an appliance store gets paid a commision for each sale they make. When it comes to products to sell, there is no limit to the types of products out there that you can try to sell through your videos. If you want to sell DVD's for instance, just search the internet for "DVD affiliates". If you want to refer people to paid surveys and make money when they fill out surveys, search for "paid survey affiliates". You can find affiliate programs for just about anything you can think of.

As a Realtor
If you're receiving a large amount of visitors on your videos, you can always rent out your traffic or rent out link spots on your videos. This is similar to how a realtor or home owner would rent out real estate or billboards along the highway. For example, let's say you're getting 2,000 visitors a day. You can then approach small online companies or advertise a service in which you can place links to their websites in your video description or put their logo on your video (using annotations) and have them pay you a daily, weekly, or monthly fee for advertising their site. You should look for smaller companies that have products related to the content in your video. If your video is about makeup, then try to find websites selling makeup. You can also try to advertise your services on Ebay, Craigslist,, and, or look for forums related to whatever subject matter your video deals with. Just be careful not to get ripped off, because businesses online can sometimes be dishonest, since it's harder to take legal action with people living miles or even oceans away from you. Try to negotiate some type of payment system on a daily or weekly basis, so if they don't pay you quickly, you can take their logo or links off your videos and advertise for someone else. If you can get payment upfront, then that's even better. If you're feeling generous and want to really attract advertisers, you may even try to give them a free sample, by offering a few days of advertising for free. This gives them a chance to determine how many visitors they will be getting from your video on a daily basis, and also what type of visitors they will be receiving. Some videos produce better quality traffic than others, because not everybody converts into customers online. Clips that appeal to the older crowd on Youtube probably bring bigger business than clips that attract mostly teenagers. This is because older people are less tech-savvy and are more likely to click on ads, not to mention more likely to purchase things online since it's more probable that they would have credit cards.

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