How to Make Money From Other People's Ebay Products

In this guide, I will teach you about Ebay's affiliate program. Known as the Ebay Partner Network, or EPN, this program allows you to refer others to Ebay, so when they purchase items there, you make a commission on those items. This program is constantly changing, but majority of the instructions I give you will probably help you to understand how it works and how you can benefit from it.

Build a Website You will first need a website before they will accept you into the program. They accept most websites, so just build a 5 to 10 page informational website, and once they accept you, you can use their program on any other websites in the future without having to apply again.

Sign Up Once you have your website, you will need to sign up for Ebay's affiliate program. They may accept you, or they may ask you to make modifications to your website before being accepted. To sign up for EPN, go to Ebay's homepage, and look at the very bottom of the screen. Look for the word "Affiliates" there in small letters, and click on that word to enter the program.

Tools and Linking Once you are signed up, you can log in to Ebay's Partner Network. After logging in, there is a page called "Tools". On this page, you can create links to any products on their website. For example, if I have a website about Acne, I can type in the word "Acne" and create a link for that word. Then I can put that link on my website, and it will display the current Acne products that are up for auction on Ebay. Now if a visitor on my site clicks on that link and ends up buying something on Ebay, I will get a commission. However, Ebay has changed their program a few times, and their method of giving credit for commissions has changed, which I will explain below.

Commissions Ebay used to pay EPN members a commission on each individual sale that was made through their site. Now things have changed a bit, and with their current program, they pay you a set rate every day. For example, they may be paying me .02 cents per day if I am sending them 20 people who don't purchase anything. But then one day somebody purchases an item, so Ebay will adjust my daily pay rate based on that. They will evaluate how much my visitor traffic is now worth. Now they may pay me .15 cents a day, or .50 cents a day. But let's say I don't make another sale for awhile. The pay rate will be adjusted again and they may go back to paying me .02 cents a day. I send them about 50 visitors a day. On some days I make .40 cents a day, on others I make $4.00 a day. It all depends on what your visitors are worth. But who knows, Ebay may go back to paying individual commissions again, you never know.

Payment Ebay pays their partners every month. I believe you can be paid by check now, but I usually just choose the paypal option. My earnings are deposited into my Paypal account each month. I use the Paypal debit card to withdraw the funds the same day, this is a very simple process.

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