How to Make Money as a Language Translator

If you know how to translate one language to another, this could really be profitable for you. I don't just mean with translator jobs like working for an agency, but as a self employed translater. However, you do not need to know how to translate languages to make money from translation. Arbitrage is when you advertise a service and sell that service to somebody for more than you can acquire that service from somebody else. I'm sure you've heard of outsourcing, well the two are very similar. In this article I will explain exactly how to make money by translating other languages, or by using arbitrage to pay others to translate.

If You Know Two or More Languages If you can speak multiple languages, such as Spanish, Russian, Thai, Japanese, English etc., there's good money to be made if you start a translation business, you just need to know how to advertise your services. The internet is the best way to do this. You have a few choices when it comes to this. For example, you can either start your own website, or you can join other sites that are already established as an independent contractor and get paid a commission for each job you submit to them. If you want to work as a contractor, then all you really need to do is perform a few Google searches and find all the largest translation companies on the internet, then look at the bottom of their page or the top menu for phrases such as "join our team" or "affiliates". If you want to start your own translation website, then the best thing to do is to learn how to build a website , or hire a web designer to build one for you. After your site is created, it's time to advertise. There's a number of ways to advertise your website, but one of the best methods would be to create classified ads on sites such as Craigslist. You can also use programs such as Google Adwords, although this is not free. It may be beneficial to you however, because with programs like Adwords, you only have to pay when people click on your ads. So you could create ads that appeal to people who are looking to have things translated. You can exclude certain words such as "free", so if a person searches the internet for "free translation service", they won't see your ads, so you won't have to worry about paying for people that won't pay you. You can add keywords such as "pay to translate", this way most of your visitors will already be interested in paying, so you only have to pay for visitors who could turn into potential clients.

If You Only Know One Language You don't need to be bi-lingual or multi-lingual to make money translating. You can outsource the jobs by using arbitration. For instance, all you really have to do is google companies that do translations for people, and check their rates and turnaround time. You can then make a website of your own that advertises the same exact services, but make it more expensive so you can earn a commission. This way, when someone visits your website and chooses to pay to have something translated, you can then tell them the turnaround time it will take, and give the job to the other companies and pocket the difference. This may seem like a dishonest thing to do, but that's just the way most businesses work. When you go to Walmart to purchase an item, they got that item from somewhere else for a much cheaper price. They don't want you to know where they bought the item, because they don't want you to go through that company, they want to make their profit. So don't feel guilty about doing this, it's basically the same thing and it's one of the most common business practices. Another thing you can do, is create your website, and once you get orders, try posting it on a freelance website to see if you can get the job done for a cheaper price. There are a number of freelancing sites online such as Elance and GetaFreeLancer. These are basically places where independent contractors compete for jobs and bid on jobs based on the advertiser's needs and specifications. Using the freelance websites for arbitrage is fairly common and it's better to check on there before approaching the larger companies to do the job. Who knows, the larger ones may even be using the freelance sites themselves. Maybe they aren't the main source, but a middleman like you.

Well I hope this helped you and maybe you will be able to put this information to use to make yourself some side money or start a profitable business. Just remember that while there are many of jobs in the real world that hire language translators, the internet should always be your first stop because there's nothing better than owning your own business and setting your own hours. Good luck!

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