How to Make Money as a Felon

If you've been convicted of a crime, you've probably already realized how difficult it is to get a job as a convicted criminal, especially with a felony. Everybody makes mistakes, and not every law in our society makes sense, though many do. I myself have a misdemeanor, and even with just that, I learned how hard it is to get a job with a criminal record. So maybe you've made a mistake or two, and you're ready to move on with your life and put it behind you. You've done your time, you've made amends with the state by paying fines or restitution, and maybe you've even done some charity work to feel better about yourself. But what do you do when society still wants to punish you? When employers won't hire you because of your past, you may feel hopeless and doomed forever. Many felons feel that they have no choice, since society won't accept them, and they resort to doing illegal things for money. Even going to college doesn't seem to make any sense to a felon, since a degree won't help cover up your mistakes when an employer runs a background check. I've personally dealt with this situation and have been in your shoes myself, so I know how hard it is to move on with your life after a setback such as this. But you shouldn't give up on life just yet. There are many options for felons that you may not have even thought of.

Make Money Online
Making an income online is not easy, but it is definitely possible if you are realistic about it. You don't need to go to college to take special website design courses to learn how to make money from the internet. But the people who actually succeed at it are those who have a realistic approach and view it as a job or a career instead of just a get rich quick scheme. You can't realistically expect to earn a full time income your first week or month online. In order to make it, you'll need to be able to survive with other income until things start working for you on the internet. This can take anywhere from a month to a year. But there are many people out there who start earning around $1,500 or more by their second month. It all depends on how many hours you put in each day and how creative you can be. If you don't have a computer, you can always use the public library's. Some examples of things you could be making money from would be writing articles for paid article sites, building up an informational website and putting Google adsense ads on it, selling domain names, or making videos for youtube's partnership program and gaining a large following. There are literally hundreds of ways to succeed in the online business world without any prior experience, but you just have to go to work at least 4 to 8 hours a day and view it like you would any other job. You have to stay motivated and keep yourself working at it each day until things start to pay off. People who look for the easy route, such as taking paid surveys, will never make a living from the internet. Paid-to-Click sites and paid survey sites are a waste of time and you won't even earn half of what the minimum wage is if you choose to use those methods. Affiliate programs, on the other hand, can be very profitable if a person knows how to market products and how to make sales. Any felon can join an affiliate program, and there's many online, you just have to search the web and ask people about certain affiliate companies to make sure they are reputable.

Labor Agencies
There are many labor agencies out there that help felons get jobs. However, there are also many labor agencies that will not hire a person who has a criminal record. Two well known companies that will not hire felons in most cases would be Manpower and Office Team, however, they may make exceptions depending on what their clients specify. But there's still lots of other companies out there that help connect felons with employers and some that even specialize in that. Every city has different companies, and most of the ones that accept felons are probably not the multi-chain ones that we see in most cities like Man Power, Officeteam, and Volt. So you should do a Google search online for labor agencies in your particular city or area. You can also visit your city's Department of Social Services and ask them for referrals to labor outsourcers who accept felons. When every other employer is turning you down, it can help to apply with these types of companies because they help weed out all the employers who don't accept convicts, which helps save you time and helps connect you with an employer that will actually consider hiring you.

Start a Business
In the Land of Milk and Honey, there's a million ways for a person to become an entrepreneur and become moderately successful with only a few resources to start with. If you can find a cheap way to live and figure out a way to get a minimum wage job and a second part time minimum wage job, you can turn that into a beneficial situation. It may be very difficult for a year or two, but nobody ever said that success would come easy. Just look at all the people who go to college for 2 to 4 years, just to be successful. Many of may become true success stories, but a large majority of them will still be working for someone else, even if they are living well. If you spend the same amount of time suffering a little to better your future and start your own business, you may end up in a better position than them, because you'd be working for yourself. You just need to set goals, write out a plan, and be sure to stick to it. For example, let's say you're working two minimum wage jobs, one full time and one part time. You work 12 hours a day, 5 days a week, which gives you 8 hours to sleep and 4 hours to do whatever you want to do before or after work. This type of a schedule won't kill you, as you obviously have some time each day to relax and get enough sleep, not to mention you'd have 2 full days off each week. If you can just stick this type of schedule out for 2 years, you will come out ahead if you are wise with your money. Let's pretend the minimum wage is at $7.25, and your rent is at $700. At 240 hours a month, your gross income would be around $1,740. So let's assume that after taxes, you're left with around $1,500. After rent you would be left with about $800, and if you only spend $150 a month on food, you'd have $650 left. If you can move somewhere where there are public buses or transportation, or started riding a bike to work (assuming both places are close enough), you'd save even more money. So with this type of a spending plan, you'd have at least $500 a month to put into savings. So after 1 year, you'd have at least $6,000 saved up. You could then invest that stocks or small business, and quickly have at least $12,000 to $20,000 within 2 years. Once you have that much, you can invest that money into a side business and begin to grow it, working at it on the weekends until you're sure it will be a success, then ultimately quitting your jobs to manage it and help it grow.

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