How to Get to High Levels in Black Ops 2: Zombies - Green Run Town (AKA "The Town")

Black Ops 2: Zombies Mode has a few different levels, but none of them are probably as popular as "The Town". This is probably because it's the most interesting to some people, though it's design is very simple. It's basically a town with a large pit of lava in the center and erupting lines of lava throughout the ground all over the level. If you want to get to the higher levels like the 30's, 40's, and even 50's, you need to have a good strategy and stick to it. This is personally my favorite level and the one I've played the most, so I've broken my strategy down into an exact science which I use every time to get to the higher levels and impress my friends. What you want to do in order to excel at this level is to use a combination of smart moves and techniques to move up to the next level. It's not going to take just one trick or glitch to beat the whole thing unless you happen to get lucky. So without further ado, here's the best combination of strategies that I've come up with which should help you if you combine them all during gameplay.

Where You Kill Zombies Matters
When you kill any zombie, you should aim for the head if possible. You'll get the most points for kills that originate from head shots, rather than body shots. This doesn't apply only to guns, but also to your melee weapons. When you melee a zombie, you can look upwards slightly in order to melee them in the head if you think it's the last hit or time for the kill shot. The only exception to this is if you're using the Galvaknuckles. With the Galvaknuckles, all kill shots are the same when it's a one-hitter quitter situation (when the zombies are weak enough for you to kill them in one shot with the Galvaknuckles).

Wall Weapons
In the Green Run - Town level there's five main wall weapons that you can purchase: the MP5 (fully automatic, located inside the burning building), the M14 (semi-automatic, located outside of the bank towards the edge of town), the Olympia (shotgun, located outside the burning building), Semtex Grenades (located inside the small room that is somewhat near the burning building), and Galvaknuckles (located inside the bar). The Galvaknuckles are the most expensive, at 6,000 points, and the Semtex Grenades are the cheapest at 250 points. In the beginning, you shouldn't buy any weapons because you'll be wanting to use your pistol (Colt M1911) to injure the zombies before meleeing them, as I've already mentioned.

Galvaknuckles - When to Buy and Use
Once you reach 6,000 points, you should buy the Galvaknuckles from the wall. This should be the first wall weapon that you buy because you don't need any until then. If you run out of pistol bullets (Colt M1911) before you reach 6,000, just melee the zombies with your knife as many times as it takes to kill them. Just try to melee them in the head when it comes to the final melee that kills them because you'll get more points than if you do a body kill. Once you have the Galvaknuckles, you should then kill as many as it takes with the Galvaknuckles until you have enough points to afford the M14 (assuming you ran out of pistol bullets earlier).

M14 - When to Buy and Use
The point of buying the M14 from the wall is that once the zombies become harder to kill, you can use it to rack up points during times when you're all out of pistol ammo (Colt M1911). As mentioned previously, you shouldn't use the Galvaknuckles unless you're all out of ammo or unless it's the final kill (the last hit it takes to kill a zombie). So in other words, keep using the pistol to rack up points by doing body shots, then use the Galvaknuckles for the final kill shot (you'll get more points if you use the Galvaknuckles for this shot than if you use any guns, even if you use the gun for a headshot).

Again: Only use the M14 when you're out of pistol ammo, and only use it to rack up points, not for the final kill. You will never need to buy the Olympia or the MP5 if you do everything correctly. Both of these weapons kill more easily than the M14, which is why they're no good for what you want to do. We want points, not fast kills. With a weaker weapon like the pistol or the M14, you can do more body shots before the zombies actually die and gain more points this way. As you get into the higher levels or rounds, you'll want weapons that kill easily, but at that point you should have enough points to hit the mystery box until you have really good weapons that are even better than the MP5 and Olympia.

Semtex Grenades - When to Buy and Use
As far as the Semtex Grenades, you won't need these until you're at levels higher than level 12. Somewhere around that level, you should go and buy them because you can use them to create crawlers. Crawlers are zombies that have had their legs blown off, so they will crawl slowly instead of running or walking fast. The point of using the grenades to create crawlers is to give yourself time to run around and get the things you need at the end of each round.

You can also create crawlers with weapons like Mustang and Sally, but this isn't always as easy to do as it is with Semtex Grenades. Whenever there's one zombie left at the end of each round, he will usually run very quickly. So you'll want to make him into a crawler or better yet, create crawlers before you get to only one zombie left. Sometimes the zombies will die when a Semtex Grenade explodes too close to them, and sometimes it will just be difficult to get them to run near it before it explodes.

Mystery Box Weapons
The Mystery Box is located in two different places in the "town". It will either be located inside the bar on the top floor, or inside a small caged area towards the back of the town (to the opposite of where the Pack-A-Punch machine in the lava pit is facing). The Mystery Box will move to one of these locations whenever you get a teddy bear out of it, but you can easily tell where it moves because there will be what looks like a large stream of colors coming down from the sky over the location of the box if you look up.

The Mystery Box costs about 950 points to hit, but if you get a good weapon it's definitely worth it. There's really no way to cheat the mystery box or to predict what you will get out of it before you hit it. You should only hit the Mystery Box once you really need it, which won't be until at least level 14 or higher. The best time to go to the Mystery Box is at the end of a round when there's only a few zombies left, that way you have plenty of time to hit it as many times as it takes until you get a good weapon.

The Best Weapons
The following weapons are the most useful ones in my experience, but there are none that I consider to be "the best": HAMR, Galil, MTAR, RPD, Ray Gun, Type 25, Monkey Bomb, Flash Grenades. The HAMR is my personal favorite and the gun I usually try to get because once you Pack-A-Punch your weapons and buy the Quick Refill, it's extremely fast at reloading, it holds more ammo than most weapons, and it's very powerful and easy to kill zombies with head shots. All the other weapons that I mentioned can be very useful, but just keep in mind that some of them may take longer to reload or may not be as quick as the HAMR.

Distraction Weapons
When it comes to weapons that can distract zombies, I prefer the Monkey Bomb over the Flash Grenades because it distracts them for a longer period of time. The main downside of the Monkey Bomb is that zombies will still go after you if you throw it and you're closer to them than the Monkey Bomb. The Flash Grenade is the better choice if you're being overwhelmed by zombies and in a tight space. The best way to use the Monkey Bomb, in my experience, is to throw when you're trying to outrun zombies when doing the Figure 8 Strategy (which I'll cover further in this guide). If you have a whole mob of them chasing after you while you're running into a building, it can help put some space between you and them so you're ready for them once you get to a good spot to attack them.

The Pack-A-Punch machine is located in the center of the lava pit in the Town. It's extremely beneficial because it will upgrade any weapons that you place in it. It upgrades them in various ways, depending on which weapon it is. Most of the time, it will make a weapon more powerful or damaging to zombies, allow the weapon to hold more ammo, and for some weapons it will increase the firing speed to make some guns shoot faster.

You can Pack-A-Punch some weapons more than once, so give it a try if you think you can afford it because you may end up with a much better version than a weapon's first Pack-A-Punch level.
When Pack-A-Punching a weapon, you want to run into the lava real quickly, drop the weapon in the machine, then run out of the lava and wait for the machine to improve it. Be sure to run back into the lava once the weapon is ready or you'll lose it. Pack-A-Punching weapons is crucial and definitely necessary once you get to some of the higher rounds like level 20 in the Town level.

Power Ups
When you kill zombies, they will sometimes drop Power-Ups on the ground. These Power-Ups can greatly improve your survival and boost your point levels to help you get to higher rounds. There's five main Power-Ups in the Town level: Double Points, Max Ammo, Carpenter (Hammer), Nuke, and Insta Kill. But knowing when to grab each one of these at the right time is important if you want to survive longer. Power-Ups usually last only for a short duration before they start to blink quickly and then disappear. When you see a Power-Up dropped by a dead zombie, the best thing to do is try to assess the situation around you and see if and when you need it.

Double Points
Double Points is a great Power-Up because it will give you double points for anything you do (killing zombies and rebuilding barriers). But let's say you're at the end of a round and there's only a few zombies left alive and one of them drops a double points Power Up. You shouldn't pick up the Double Points right away because there's only a few zombies left. Kill them quickly to start the next round, then quickly grab the Double Points before it disappears. If you do this correctly, you'll hopefully have more zombies to kill in a few seconds while the Double Points is still in effect, that way you'll gain more points than you would have by only killing two.

Max Ammo
The Max Ammo Power-Up will maximize your reserve ammo, but not the ammo that's in your magazine. Your magazine ammo is the ammo that you've loaded into the weapon and the reserve ammo is the ammo on the right side of the ammo-meter that you have yet to use. The Max Ammo Power-Up is great for when you're using weapons from the Mystery Box since it's the only way to reload them other than Pack-A-Punching them. However, you want to make sure you use this properly and the best way to do that is to reload your weapon before picking up any Max Ammo Power-Ups. By doing this, you'll be taking ammo from your reserve to fill your magazine with, and then once you pick up the Max Ammo Power-Up, your reserve will be filled completely as well and you'll be maxed out on ammo.

The Carpenter Power-Up (also known as the "Hammer" Pick-Up) automatically rebuilds all the barriers in the entire Town level (barriers are the window-like areas that the zombies break through by taking down wooden boards until they can crawl through). This is extremely handy when you have a barrage of zombies overpowering you or too many headed your way, but it can also be a bad thing if you don't know when to grab it. In the beginning levels, you should avoid picking up this Power-Up because you'll actually lose the opportunity to gain points. When you rebuild barriers yourself, you'll earn points for every wooden board that you replace as you're rebuilding. The only exception to this is if you've earned too many points in a level, and at that point you will no longer get points for each wooden board you put back until the next level begins. So you definitely shouldn't get the Carpenter Power Up until you absolutely need it, because it will replace all the boards without giving you the points for each one.

Insta-Kill, also called Instakill, is a Power-Up that allows you to kill zombies instantly with one melee hit or one bullet, regardless of what level you're on or what weapon you're using. Like some of the other Power-Ups, this is especially useful when you're in a tight bind in later levels and need to kill zombies quickly and easily, but isn't ideal if you don't actually need it. Since gaining as much points as you can is the objective early-on, you don't want to get the Insta-Kill until the later levels and should probably just ignore it. You'll get fewer points if you kill the zombies instantly with a bullet or the swipe of a knife, rather than gaining points by killing them slowly with multiple shots.

The Nuke Power-Up will obliterate or destroy any zombies that have already spawned. It does not kill zombies that are just starting to spawn or have yet to spawn. So once you pick up this Power-Up, any large groups of zombies that you see before you will die like roaches that were just sprayed with bug spray. You'll get points for doing this, but not as many points as you can get by killing them manually with multiple shots or melees. So this is why you should ignore all nukes until you get into the later rounds and actually require it. The earliest round that you'll probably need to use the Nuke Power-Up would be around Round 16, but if you think you can make it without getting it, that's even better.

Perk-A-Colas are like drugs that you can take which have specific purposes that can help you in Black Ops 2. Double Tap II Root Beer, Jugger-Nog, Quick Revive, Speed Cola, Stamin-Up, and Tombstone Soda are the six choices you have when it comes to these. You shouldn't buy any of them until you actually need them. You can only buy a certain amount of them, so there will be no point when you'll have all of them. This is why you need to make sure that you buy the right ones at the right times. Another reason for buying them at the right times is that if you die and get revived, you'll end up losing them. It makes no sense to buy ones that you don't actually need and run the risk of dying and getting revived, because then you'll have to buy them again eventually and you will waste twice as many points. So here's some brief descriptions of these Perks and when you should actually purchase them.

When I'm playing alone I will usually buy the Jugger-Nog as quickly as possible because you don't want to die in the early rounds and what it does is it gives you a little protection so it takes more hits from zombies to kill you. You can find the Jugger-Nog in the burning building on the top level. If you're playing two players, then it may be a good investment early on, but sometimes it's better to wait until the later levels because you can revive each other when needed and the zombies aren't fast enough to overwhelm you in most cases. The reason why I say that it may be better to wait, is because if you can put the money towards buying the Galvaknuckles quickly or the M14 (if you run out of pistol bullets), then you can rack up points more easily and then get the Jugger-Nog afterwards.

Quick Revive
If you're playing as two players, then the Quick Revive is only needed as you get into the later rounds, such as level 12 or higher. This is when zombies will be running faster and in larger numbers so you won't have as much time to revive your partner. If you're flying solo, then the Quick Revive may be a wise purchase early on because it's a way to revive yourself instead of dying, and once you die in one-player mode...that's all folks. The Quick Revive can be found on the top floor of the bar against the wall, but it will disappear after you've bought it so many times.

Double Tap II Root Beer
The Double Tap II Root Beer makes your bullets more powerful so it takes fewer shots to kill zombies. It's similar to the Pack-A-Punch somewhat but when combined with it, some of your guns will be very impressing. The Double Tap machine is located inside the small fence area where the Mystery Box sometimes shows up (as you're behind the Pack-A-Punch machine, start walking away from it and look to the left for a small fenced-in area with an opening). I will usually only purchase the Double Tap when needed, at level 14 or higher. There's no point in buying it sooner than that because the zombies are easy to kill and you don't want to kill them too quickly if you're trying to rack up some points.

Speed Cola
Speed Cola is also known as "Quick Refill" and that's exactly what it does for your weapons. There's some weapons like the RPD that seem to take forever to reload, so with the Speed Cola drink, you'll reload much quicker so zombies don't have as much time to swarm you. You definitely won't need this one until at least round 14, but you will always need it as you approach level 20 or higher (regardless of what gun you're using). The Speed Cola vending machine can be found in the bank, across from the burning building and the bar.

You won't need Stamin-Up at all for the first 25 rounds, so avoid buying it if you can. It mainly helps you keep your stamina up so that you can run for longer durations. This can be handy at any level, but since you can only buy a certain amount of Perks, there's no point in buying it until there's a really good reason to. The only time I will buy the Stamin-Up is at the point when you can no longer buy the Quick Revive and it's machine disappears. At that point, you'll have room to buy another perk and since you'll probably be in one of the higher rounds, the Stamin-Up is the best option because of how fast the zombies will be coming after you. The Stamin-Up is located outside the bar, across from the bank.

Tombstone Soda
When you're playing solo or alone, the Tombstone Soda perk won't show up as it does in two players. The Tombstone Soda is nice because it will save all your other Perks and weapons if you go down and die, but this is just a luxury and something that's nice to have, not something you absolutely need. Since you won't be buying much Perks in the early levels, and since you'll usually have plenty of points to rebuy any lost ones at the higher levels, there's really no point in buying the Tombstone Soda so I will usually ignore it and not get it when playing two players. If you insist on buying it, you can find it between the lava pit and the small fenced-in area where the Mystery Box and Double Tap can usually be found.

Build Points
Your main objective in the Town should be to gain as many points as possible as quickly as you can. The more points you get, the more money you'll make. As you reach higher levels, survival becomes more important than points because you'll have so much money by then and will have nothing to spend it on (because you'll have everything you need already if you use this strategy correctly). So your goal in the beginning should be to get as much money as you can so you can buy everything you need early on in the game and to have enough money to back you up in case you die and lose everything. You can build points by using the strategies I've already covered (example: Meleeing the zombies and then killing them with headshots).

The Figure 8 Strategy

Once you start to reach higher levels in the game, the zombies will overwhelm you if you stand anywhere too long. You also don't want to get cornered by them as they're running in large packs. It's easy to get cornered as you get to Level 18 or higher, so you'll want to use a good running strategy so you can "hit and run". The Figure 8 Strategy is the best one you can use as you get to the higher levels, because it not only helps to keep you on the run, but it will also help round the zombies up so they're easier to keep track of.
If the zombies are dispersed and separated, they're harder to deal with than if they're in a large group. To do the Figure 8 Strategy, you'll want to run constantly between the bar and the burning building. While doing this, you want to attack the zombies both on the ground and as they reach you on the top floors. You'll always want to start on the second floor of one of the buildings, preferably the bar, and make sure you stand right near the edge so you can jump outside and to the ground when you need to.

So let's say you're starting Level 20 and the zombies are just starting to spawn. You should position yourself on the second floor of the bar, just on the edge so you can jump outside quickly. As the zombies start to come up the stairs after you and try to climb through the window and jump down from the roof, you should start shooting at them with head shots until you get too overwhelmed. Once you realize that there's too many of them running towards you, you'll want to jump down quickly so you're outside and then run over to the burning building.

If you have to, run through the lava to avoid the zombies if there's any in your path, but don't do this unless it's absolutely necessary. Once you reach the burning building, run up to the second floor and position yourself at the edge so you can do the same strategy over there. But this time, you'll want to kill all the zombies that are running behind you from the bar to the burning building. If you ran from the bar to the burning building fast enough, then you should see a large line or group of zombies below you running across or near the lava and towards the building you're in.

Mustang and Sally - When and How to Use
This is where having Mustang and Sally comes in handy. You can easily take out 10 or more of them at a time if you shoot down at them with Mustang and Sally's exploding bullets. Blow up as many as you can to clear a path, then jump down again and run to the bar and upstairs to the same position you were in. Do the same thing again once you reach the bar (look down towards the ground and shoot at the large pack of zombies as they're running from the burning building towards the bar, to clear the path for you to run again). This is known as The Figure 8 Strategy, because you're basically running in a figure 8 formation.
The point is to get to the second level of each building, then fire down below to clear the path, then do the same process again once you reach the other building. This is definitely the best way to stay alive if you do it right and make sure the path is cleared for you. Just remember to wait a little bit once you get to either of the top floors, because you want to shoot at the zombies that are at the end of the line of the pack, not the front. Those at the front will reach you first in the building and once they do, that's when it's time to jump down and run through the pathway you just cleared.

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