How to Get Rich in Red Dead Redemption

Getting rich in Red Dead Redemption is not that difficult, you just need to know some of the techniques on how to do it. I've been playing Red Dead Redemption for some time now, and I've gained lots of money by using a few basic tricks, and by having a little patience in some situations. If you've just started playing the game and you're only at the beginning, odds are, that it will be much harder to make lots of money in your position. It definitely gets easier as you beat missions and get further in the game. However, this doesn't mean it's impossible to get rich early on in your journey, it just means that you'll need a little more patience, because you won't make as much money as quickly as someone who's further in the game than you. So how much you can make all depends on how much you've accomplished so far, or how much patience and time you have. I've completed 60% of the game so far, and I can easily make $1,000 in about 5 to 10 minutes, and $3,500 to $6,000 in about a half hour. So when it comes to ways on how to get rich in RDD, here's a few easy tips that may help you, whether you're just starting out in New Austin, or you've already completed the Mexico missions and made it to Blackwater.

Bounties are one of the first ways you can make big money in RDD. As you continue to do more bounty missions, they will be worth more. So at first, the reward may only be $200 to catch a criminal or outlaw without killing him, but you will quickly move up to $400 and then $600 as you progress in the game. I've even heard that you can make as much as $800 per bounty, though I haven't seen this myself and I've made it to Blackwater with perfect honor and fame. The easiest ways to win bounties is to stay on your horse at all times, and to switch a powerful gun, preferably a sniper rifle if you can get one, or a bolt action rifle. Then target the guy closest to you and start firing on all the other guys who begin to approach you. The man who is the bounty will usually be marked with a special skull type indicator, while all his henchman will be plain red dots. The henchman will usually approach you while he remains behind them or hidden in the back. Try to take extra care not to kill the bounty, because you could lose as much as $200-$300 simply by accidentally killing him. If you do kill him, you'll have to walk over to him and collect proof from his body to collect your reward. Once you kill all the henchman, if the bounty is still alive, he may continue firing upon you, or may even try to escape by jumping on his horse. To get ready for this, you should still remain seated on your horse in case you have to chase after him. You can rope him and pull him off his horse while you are still on yours, and then jump off and tie him up. As soon as you do this, wait for his backup to arrive, as they will surely be on their way by the time you hogtie the bounty up. Move a little distance away from your horse so he doesn't get caught in the crossfire, and start killing the henchman as quickly as possible when they arrive. Then you must move fast and get the bounty on to your horse so you can ride him back to town and deliver him to the sheriff. While you are on your way back, the henchman will reappear, probably many times, to try to stop you. Continue firing on them as you are riding, and try to keep them from killing you or your horse. It's very rare for a bounty to fall off your horse, but it's happened to me twice, so it is possible. If this occurs, just pick him up and put him back on your horse. Once you deliver him to the sheriff, you'll be paid a handsome reward.

Wolves show up early in the game, and can really earn you a lot of money if you sell them in the right places and have high honor and fame. They are pretty easy to find, as they are usually located in areas far from towns and seem to appear in most areas in the game, especially in desert regions like in Mexico or north of Armadillo. They always travel in packs and are easy to kill, so they can be highly lucrative. The best thing to do, is to find a pack of wolves and kill them and skin them. This will often cause another pack to spawn nearby, especially in the ravine and desert areas in Mexico, especially on the outskirts of Chuparosa. You can also try to use bait to lure more of them out, once you've killed a pack of them. It's best to not trade them in until you've gotten the highest honor and fame you can get, then they will be worth much more. With perfect honor and fame, they are worth $45 each at shops in most towns (Blackwater, Escalera, Chuparosa, MacFarlane's Ranch and Armadillo). The only place they are worth less than that with perfect fame and honor is in Thieves' Landing (the town is obviously appropriately named, since everything seems to be a ripoff there). So if a pack of 5 wolves shows up, you can kill them in 2 minutes and earn up to $225 for your time, which is a pretty good deal. Wolves will usually find you and attempt to attack you if you go anywhere near their territory. You can usually hear them when they are nearby because they will bark and growl. Once you shoot them, they will run away if the first shot doesn't kill them. Some will run away after witnessing you shoot their friends.

Grizzly Bears
Killing Grizzly Bears is definitely the best way to make money in Red Dead Redemption. They are somewhat easy to find, and once you find one, you can find many more where that came from. They are generally located in the Tall Trees area of West Elizabeth, but in my experience, the best location to find them is in the south end of Tall Trees, near Tanner's ranch. They are usually around in that area, and if you can't find them, just roam around a little and look for them. One method I use to find them is I park my horse in different areas and shoot one of my guns off. If they are anywhere nearby, they will hear my run and will come running towards me. If none of them show up after a minute or so, I'll move on and find another place to park, just a little further away from where I last parked, and do the same thing again until I draw them out. While this works well in having them find you, it's better if you can find them without getting their attention. This is because they usually spawn (show up) in the same area after you kill one or two of them. So if you find them in a very specific area, you can kill them and wait for others to spawn nearby without having to continually fire off shots to draw them out. My favorite area to find them is just north of Tanner's ranch. There are two roads in that immediate area, which both intersect with each other. One road is leading out of Tanner's ranch, and it intersects with a much larger road. If you go to that intersection and go north just a little bit, that's probably the best place you'll find them.

Bears are very aggressive, expecially once you've shot at them (though if you shoot at them from a very far distance with the sniper rifle, they sometimes get scared and run away). They also like to sneak up on you when your back is turned. Sometimes you need to turn your back to the area they run out from, because you can't be looking their way when they spawn or they won't spawn at all. One method I use to protect myself against their sneak attacks, is I find a rock that's easy to climb on, and I get up on it and stand there. If I have to get their attention, I'll fire a couple rounds off from one of my guns. For some reason, they can't get to you when you're on a rock, even if the rock is not very high off the ground. Once they show up, I shoot them while standing on the rock, and then I make sure there are no other ones running my way. I'll then climb down from the rock and skin them, then get back up on the rock as quickly as possible to draw out some more. This method works very well and I can usually kill about 10 bears this way within 5 - 10 minutes. Bears can bring in some good cash if you have high honor and fame and go outside of the West Elizabeth area to sell them. The best thing to do is to wait until you have lots of bear skins, like 100 of them, then sell them all at once in shops located in Mexico, such as Chuparosa or Escalera. You'll get the best prices down there, as I usually get around $168 for all the combined bear parts (Grizzly Meat, Grizzly Claw, Grizzly Teeth, Grizzly Furs, and Grizzly Heart). As you can see, this is without a doubt, the best way to make money in RDD. I usually return from Mexico with around $10,000 in my pocket.

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