How to Get Beautiful Hair

I'm sure you've looked at movie stars from time to time and noticed how nice their hair usually is. You may have been wondered why you can't have shiny beautiful hair like that. Well the truth is, anybody can have hair like the celebrities you see on the big screen. How much money you have or how famous you are is not one of the factors involved in attaining healthy looking hair. It all boils down to a few simple things, such as diet and self-grooming techniques.

Your daily diet is probably the single most important thing when it comes to having healthy hair. This is not my personal opinion, this is basic facts that have been proven over and over again by many scientists and nutritionists. Not many people will argue with the proven theory that the foods we eat have an effect on our skin and hair. Foods that contain protein and B Vitamins are especially important. Fish, green vegetables, and beans are all very beneficial foods when it comes to the health of your hair.

If you want a healthy body, you need to keep toxins and other damaging elements out of it. Well the same rule applies when it comes to hair. Washing your hair every other day will help keep your hair clean and healthy, and makes it harder for foreign organisms to thrive in your follicles. For people with excessively oily hair, it's best to wash your hair every single day, or even twice a day if you feel it might be necessary.

Gentle Care
Just like anything in life, the more rough you are with your hair, the more likely your chances of damaging it are. If you're washing your hair, be gentle when running your fingers through it. When it comes to drying, try not to use a blow dryer, because this can over-dry your hair and cause brittleness and split ends. Instead, try to let your hair dry normally, by either patting it dry with a towel, or just by letting the water evaporate naturally. Rubbing your scalp too hard with a towel can also negatively affect the look and feel of your hair.

Choose Shampoos Carefully
Just because a shampoo is FDA approved, doesn't mean that it's necessarily good for the condition of your hair. Some shampoos are rougher on the hair than others because they all contain different ingredients. Some can even dry out the hair and cause more problems down the road after repeated use. So be careful when deciding on what type of shampoo to use, and proceed with caution when it comes to conditioners as well.

Make Sure to Get Sunlight
While excessive sunlight can bleach hair and make darker hair appear lighter, sunlight in general is very good for your hair. Try to get at least an hour of sunlight each day, because sunlight is converted into Vitamin D in the body, and Vitamin D is essential for healthy looking hair. Some research has even proven Vitamin D to beneficial in preventing hair loss.

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