How to Gain Weight

I'm naturally a skinny person with an extremely high metabolism. I weighed 140 at 6"3 as a male in my 20's. I never had an appetite problem. I ate 3 meals a day, sometimes 4, but never seemed to gain weight. This was before I consulted a doctor and got serious about my weight gain. I tried to gain muscle by lifting weights, but it doesn't show in people as skinny as me. It's just very hard to build muscle mass. If you're like me and very skinny, I'm sure you know what I mean. So I wanted fat, and I didn't care how unhealthy it would be, I just wanted to gain weight by any means necessary. I didn't want to be super fat, but just have some healthy looking meat on my bones (although I attained it in a very unhealthy manner). So in this tutorial, I will explain what I did to gain and put pounds on. Just keep in mind that this can be very unhealthy and this guide is only for those who are absolutely desperate to gain weight and people who have no other options.

Periactin Periactin is medication for people with severe allergies. It's basically a prescription antihistamine. But after searching the internet for ways to gain fat, I found an article that talked about Periactin (also known as Cyproheptadine). I discovered that one of the main side effects of this medication is that it causes a person to become extremely hungry, and that many people were prescribed this to put weight on. So I talked to my doctor and told her that I wanted to give it a try. She prescribed me a bottle of 28 pills. After I picked them up from the pharmacy, I took my first pill in the morning the following day. It made me feel very fatigued and tired, however, it also caused me to become very hungry a few hours after taking it. I was able to eat and eat without feeling full. This allowed me to eat a lot more food for each meal, and to eat more meals periodically throughout the day. The effects of it wore off after about 4 hours and I no longer felt hungry after that. You're supposed to only take 1 pill a day, and it's definitely enough. I used them for about 3 weeks and then gained weight and stopped taking them. So if you've run out of options, you may want to talk to your doctor about this and ask them for a prescription. If your doctor refuses, you should then try another doctor if you're really serious about it. Don't try to order it online without a valid prescription, you never know what you're getting and many websites sell fake generic brands out of countries like Malaysia. These brands not only can be dangerous since they are not FDA approved, but they probably will not have the same side effect of hunger that you want.

Carbohydrates Taking Periactin just causes you to become hungry. The weight gain doesn't come from the pill, it comes from the foods you eat after taking the pill. So for this, I recommend foods that are high in carbohydrates. There's two types of carbs and that's empty carbs and full carbs. Candy and foods high in sugar usually contain empty carbs. You need full carbs. You can find these types of carbohydrates in foods like pasta and wheat. Pasta is probably the best option. I ate tons of pasta in the 3 weeks I was attempting to gain fat. A lot of it went to my chin area, but I noticed an overall wait gain difference in my mass as well.

Ensure This was probably the most helpful thing I drank. Ensure is full of carbs, calories, and protein. All the building blocks you need to gain mass and put weight on. I drank 4 or 5 cans a day. It can be very expensive though, so you may want to look for alternatives. There's a number of different stores that sell alternatives including many grocery stores and pharmacies.

Weight Gainers You can purchase weight gainers in GNC or online. There's all different types and the specific weight gainer you get probably doesn't matter. I don't even remember the type I got, but I used it for 3 weeks and it probably helped me gain weight, along with the foods I was eating and ensure I was drinking. I would fill a milk jug full of whole milk and then mix the weight gainer in. I drank this periodically each day, in addition to eating full meals and drinking ensure.

So I hope these methods help you. Just remember that putting all this extra fat on and gaining weight this quickly can be bad for your heart and overall health. So take it easy and consult a doctor if you think you don't have the body or the health for it.

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