How to End Animal Cruelty

Animal cruelty is a tragic thing that seems to happen in every country and every corner of the globe. It's a worldwide tragedy and you can bet money on the fact that it's probably happening somewhere near you, like in your own neighborhood. It's hard to believe how many heartless people there are in this world, and how cruel some humans can really be, but you're not alone in feeling like something should be done about it. There are lots of people that have good hearts who are making a difference every single day. You don't have to be a millionaire to get involved, and you don't even have to sacrifice too much of your time either. Just a few hours a day, or even a few hours a week or month, can really make a difference. So if you're motivated and want to take action, here's a few things you can personally do yourself to help animals and stop abuse.

Build a Website
One of the best ways to stop animal cruelty is to get the word out. You can easily learn how to build a website on your own by learning HTML coding, or sign up with a host or other company that offers a free website builder. Hosting your website with a reliable host will usually cost about $5 a month. You can always setup a website where hosting is free, like on sites such as The major downside of doing this however, is that you don't fully own your site, free webs does. So if they ever wanted to take your site down for whatever reason, you'd have no say in the matter and they could keep all your content if they wanted to. If you do decide to build a website, you can discuss various things in the world that affect animals. For example, you could have one page that talks about fur farms in China, another page that talks about baby seals being clubbed in Canada, and another page that talks about fish being half cooked and eaten alive in Japan. You could also focus your entire website on one particular animal or cause, it's entirely up to you. You can include pictures, videos, a guestbook, and even options to donate such as paypal buttons. When it comes to promoting your website, there is all different types of ways to build visitor traffic and get people to your site. You just have to be a little creative and somewhat persistent. If the stories, pictures, or videos on your site are shocking enough to get people interested, they will naturally share links to your site with others and post on forums and other websites, which will eventually gain you more visitors month after month.

Make Youtube Videos
Youtube reaches billions of people every month, so it's one of the best ways to spread the word about something. It's easy to make videos or edit videos using free programs like Windows Movie Maker. Just make sure to pick good titles for your videos that not many other people have, but titles that you think people will search for. This is called "finding a niche" and if you can find your niche, you'll get lots of views. If you continue to upload new videos, people are more likely to subscribe to you and may even help you promote your videos if they are in the activist type of mood.

Try to get friends involved and tell them what you're doing, maybe they will tell others and you'll create a web that keeps growing. Friends can really come in handy when you want to gain awareness for a certain cause. If you're interested in a particular cause, your closest friends may be just as interested if you tell them about it. Two heads are always better than one, so it couldn't hurt to talk to them about what you're doing and try to get them involved. If everybody who cared about animals had 10 friends who also cared just as much as them, then the world would probably be a lot better off. If you upload a video or make a website, show your friend how you did it and they may want to do the same thing.

Get into Politics
If there is a cause in your area that involves animals that you think your local congressman might not know about, you can always look up their mailing address online and mail them a letter discussing your cause. Many of them have decided to write bills based on letters or information they received from normal everyday citizens. Many of them accept emails as well, though a letter may be a bit more effective. You should also find out which congress people and senators in your state stand behind animal causes, and support them any way you can. Donate money to their campaigns or help promote them by working as a campaign worker when they are running for election.

Gandhi once said that in order to make a change, you have to be the change that you want to see in the world. This is just basically another way of saying "practice what you preach". If you care about animals, then you should check the companies you are buying from and the lifestyle you are living to make sure it's cruelty-free. A person who is wearing Uggs boots would be a hypocrite if they tried to lecture others about animal abuse and tried to stop it, because Uggs is a company that makes products from the suffering of animals. Look at the foods you are eating and the clothes you are wearing. There are always alternatives and you don't have to become a vegan to steer clear of animal abuse. But you should go out of your way a little bit to boycott the companies that promote abuse or disrespect of animals and try to be the change yourself.

Just remember, try not to be too preachy when you're discussing these causes with people. Try to speak in a rational tone and try to not sound too much like an extremist. Many people don't think like you and I, and may be turned off by your approach if they think you're just another "PETA wacko". While PETA has been very effective in spreading awareness about certain issues, they don't quite garner as much respect as other animal organizations like the Humane Society because of a few people that have done extremist things who were affiliated with PETA. A few people gave their organization a very bad name with the general public, so many people may be a little hostile if you are too preachy in your approach. Sometimes it's better to be subtle, as long as you make your points clear and concise at the same time.

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