How to Eliminate Acne Naturally

Acne, it's one of the biggest problems for teens. There's so many products on the market that promise that they can cure acne or get rid of acne scars. However, most of these products are not really good for the skin. Just because a company states that it's intended to treat acne, does not mean it's healthy for you. So in this article, I will explain why these products can be harmful, and how you can treat acne naturally, the healthiest and safest way.

While many acne products may help acne, such as proactiv, they also break down the sebum on the skin. Sebum is a natural layer of oil that your skin produces to protect itself. Your face has sebaceous glands for a reason, and this is to excrete this oil. Proactiv and Neutrogena may help some people with zits, but they also break down this layer of oil, and as time progresses and as a person ages, this lack of sebum can create problems as the skin is unprotected for all this time. Many people may develop skin problems when they are older, such as exzema and seborrheic dermatitis. They may not realize it, but these problems may be caused by a lack of sebum on the skin over time. Washing your face is good for your skin, but excessive washing and scrubbing can also remove sebum. This is why I urge people to attempt to treat acne naturally and take care of themselves.

Pimples are caused by many different reasons. For teens, it's usually because of overactive hormones due to puberty. While this may be the cause, there are still other factors that may trigger them to surface. Diet can be a major reason for some people. So the first thing someone should try, is to eliminate acidic foods from their diet, and try to increase alkaline foods. This may help correct a person's PH Balance, and may significantly reduce acne. This specific method is what helped me as a teen, so I advise others to give it a try. While it may not work for everyone (since there are different triggers for different people), in my experience, it's helped a lot of people. You should try this method for at least 3 weeks to a month. You should also drink plenty of water during this time to help flush acidic toxins out of your body.

I also recommend that you don't take hot showers. Hot water on the facial skin can remove that oil as well. As I mentioned earlier, try not to scrub your face too much. When you get out of the shower, gently pat your face dry instead of rubbing it

The methods mentioned in this article should be given a try, you have nothing to lose since none of this will cost money like commercial treatments do. If you don't see results after a month, then it may be time to consult a dermatologist. However, keep in mind that any prescription medicine you are prescribed will most likely have serious side effects. So I would only consult a skin doctor if you really feel that your zit problems are serious and extreme. Good luck.

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