How to Build Website Traffic

For majority of website owners, getting traffic to their site is the most difficult aspect of the business. Whether you are selling items on your website, or making money from pay per click ads, site traffic is valuable to your website and necessary to make money. There's literally thousands of ways to get people to visit your website. I'm going to explain to you the very best ways to do this, and hopefully this will give you some ideas to use.

Videos are definitely the best way to build traffic in my experience. If you know how to make videos, such as slideshow videos or instructional videos, this can prove to be a great way to get traffic to your website. You can create a website first, then create videos related to that website. For example, if I have a website about Acne, I may create videos related to Acne. There's a number of different programs out there to create videos. From pay programs like Nero, to free ones like Windows Movie Maker. Once you make videos, you can put a banner on the screen that advertises your website. Then upload those videos to all the major video sites on the internet, such as Youtube, Myspace, Veoh, Dailymotion etc.

Most website designers feel that content is most important. Content is sentences, paragraphs, and keywords. Things of that nature. Content will help you receive website traffic, because the more content you have, the higher search engines will rank your website. So it's best to build larger websites if you want to receive people from search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

A great way to get visitors to your site is to join forums. Many forums allow you to add a Signature Link to your posts. A Signature Link is a link that will be posted under every post you make. So let's say you're a member of a forum that allows Signature Links, and you post there every day. Let's say you've posted 200 times on this forum. Well everytime you've posted, there's been a Signature Link to go with that. So in your S.L., you can add the address to your website. So if people find your posts on the forum, they may see the link under your post and click on it, which brings them to your website.

Mailing Lists
Mailing lists are a good way to keep visitors on your site. If you are constantly updating your website, it may be a good idea to add a mailing list to your site. So visitors can sign up by adding their emails. You can put a message on your site such as "Join our Mailing List for the Newest Updates" to encourage them to sign up.. There are a number of mailing list programs out there that you can use. Once your visitors add their emails, your mailing list program will collect their emails and compile a list. So next time you make an update to your site, you can send out an email to all those people, with a link that leads back to your website. This way they won't just visitor your site and never return again. Return visitors are valuable to a site's traffic, because as you compile more emails, you will gain more and more visitors to your site every month. Just don't go overboard. It's best to email them maybe once a month. Many of them may choose to never return to your site if they receive emails too frequently and become annoyed.

Many people forget about conventional advertising. Just because you have a business on the internet, doesn't mean you are limited to only advertising on the net. If you have a website that you think would appeal to the general public, you can make flyers and post them around town (where it's legal to). Such as on message boards at Colleges or local community groups. I've seen many music artists advertising their Myspace pages this way, so it can be effective, depending on what industry your website is in and who it appeals to.

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