How to Be a Famous Person

If you look at the celebrities in Hollywood today, you'll see that most of them come from very different backgrounds. They were not all born with silver spoons or raised by wealthy families. Many celebs like Tom Cruise and Oprah Winfrey were poor as children. Sam Worthington, the star of Avatar, was sleeping in his car before he found fame and super-stardom. Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling was allegedly living on welfare before she wrote her first best-seller. These celebrities have proved to the world that anybody can live the dream, as long as they have the desire to achieve their goals and the motivation to make it happen. You'd be surprised where some of your favorite celebrities may have started their careers and how different their beginnings were from where they eventually ended up. They all took different paths to super-stardom as well. Not every movie star started out acting in movies, and not every musician started out making music. So if you want to know how to become famous, here's a few things you can do that will probably help you on your path.

Social Sites
With the rise of the internet and social sites like Myspace and Youtube, many celebrities have been discovered on these sites that probably wouldn't have been famous otherwise. Justin Bieber is probably the most obvious one, since he recently became famous due to videos he posted on youtube. Apparently, he was discovered after he posted many videos of himself singing on youtube, and from there, he was put on a flight to Atlanta to meet Usher and the rest is history. But he isn't the only one, and you don't have to be a singer to make it on these types of sites. Myspace and Facebook can be effective, because they allow you to network with other people. If you have a talent or have some type of skill you want to show off, these sites are just as good as youtube, because they allow you to directly link with other people. In fact, you can even use these sites in combination with sites like youtube. For example, if you're a comedian, or a model, you can post videos of yourself on youtube, and then embed those videos on your Myspace or Facebook profile. Then you can start adding friends and connecting with people, who will most likely view your profile and see your video. Tila Tequila wasn't a household name until she gained a huge following on Myspace. She probably even used a friend adder program to automatically add thousands of friends. These days, those types of websites look for people who are adding thousands of friends per day and suspend accounts that they suspect of using programs. But if you keep it down to 300 to 500 a day, you should be ok. .

Reality Shows
Reality shows can mean instant fame for a person who is otherwise unknown. In fact, some shows like American Idol will even air footage of those who auditioned but didn't make the final cut. So even if you don't make it on to the show, you can still garner a little fame by auditioning in some cases. The best thing to do is to make a list of all the reality shows that are on television and the internet, and then check all their websites to see where auditions are being held and when. If you live in a big city, then chances are, there's probably auditions for these types of shows every month that you could be missing out on already. If you're sure that you can't make it on the show based on talent, then maybe you should make a spectacle of yourself to try to ensure that they play your audition. I know it's not the most noble thing to do, but hey, nobody ever said it would be easy..

If two people can sneak into a White House party undetected, then crashing a Hollywood party should be a piece of cake. But to be realistic about things, it's actually probably close to impossible. But if you're as crafty as those two people and think you can do it, hey, the sky's the limit. Once in, you should try to locate people who seem to be the most important and attempt to mingle with them and strike up a conversation. You never know who you might meet at a Hollywood party. Even if it's not someone you immediately recognize, they still may be an important person, such as an agent or screenwriter. If you're attractive or charismatic, then those types of things should definitely come in handy when conversing with people and making a connection.

Commercial Auditions
There are constantly commercial auditions in New York City and California. To find out about commercials, you should check Career Builder, but even more useful is the local newspaper. In Los Angeles, commercial auditions are either located in the classified section of the newspaper, or in the Entertainment section. You can also check newspaper stands for free penny pincher type papers. There's many newspapers that are free that are strictly for advertisers to post ads for products and services. These types of papers are usually found next to normal newspaper stands or magazine racks. If you have the time and patience, you can even email and contact as many major commercial and broadcasting companies as you can and ask them about upcoming auditions. While you probably might not get many responses back, it's worth a try.

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