How Can You Tell if You're Attractive

Wouldn't it be great if we could all see ourselves as others see us? It's hard to look in the mirror and be able to view yourself with an unbiased opinion. You've been looking at yourself for many years, so you've gotten used to your own looks. You've become so used to it, that your mind has actually altered the way you see yourself. If you normally think highly of yourself, then you've probably grown accustomed to your own looks and now view your looks as normal or good looks, since there's nothing more normal than things you see every single day. If you think poorly of your looks, then that may actually be a more accurate description of how other people view you. But how do we keep our ego in check when we think highly of ourselves already, or stay confident when we think poorly of ourselves? The best way to find out if you're really truly attractive or not, is to get opinions from other people. Not just a few opinions, but many, so you can add them all up and formulate a general consensus. There's lots of ways to do this in real life, but it's even easier on the internet. Below are some of the best ways for you to tell if you're attractive or not.

Question and Answer Sites
Websites that allow you to ask questions and post links are probably one of the best ways to find out if you are attractive or not. This is because you can post a link to a picture of yours, and ask people to rate it or give their opinions. Sites like these generally allow people to answer questions for a set duration of time, such as a week, or until the person asking the question chooses a best answer. Some sites like these include Yahoo Answers, MyLot, Wiki Answers, and Answerbag. These sites all have a large number of visitors and users, but Yahoo Answers probably has the largest user base, so you will probably get the most responses there. But if you do decide to try this method, the best thing to do is to disguise your question. What I mean by this, is that you shouldn't make it obvious that you are the person in the picture. Many people will often say you are attractive just to be nice, when they are really thinking something else. The best way to go about this, is to get a picture of yourself, and a picture of your friend (with their permission of course), and then disguise yourself as a person of the opposite sex. For example, if you are a girl, then you should make your avatar picture that of a boy. Then ask a question such as "I'm interested in two girls, they both have good personalities, but which one do you think is more attractive?". People will be more likely to give you an honest answer of what they think, if they don't realize that you are one of the people in the pictures. Just be careful on these sites though. Sometimes it's against the rules to post personal links, and some people will actually report you for it and your question may get deleted or even worse, your account may be suspended.

Hot or Not?
Websites like,,, and allow people to post pictures of themselves for the whole world to see, and then others who sign on to these sites have the ability to rate those who posted their pictures. This is extremely useful in determining whether you are attractive or not, because everybody is usually anonymous, so the people rating pictures are more likely to be honest when rating. It's also very helpful, because you can leave your picture posted on most of these types of sites, and it will stay up there to be rated until you decide to take it down. This allows for more ratings than on Question and Answer sites, since the questions on those sites usually close and don't allow new people to answer after a certain time frame. The more answers you get, the more you can gather accurate information from a general consensus of opinions. Just be careful about what types of photos you post on these sites, because once you post them, the owners of the websites will own them in most cases. You are basically giving them permission to reproduce your uploaded picture on their website. So if a time comes when you decide you don't want it up there and want it taken down, you may not have an option to do that in many cases. Also, many of these sites work in conjuction with dating websites, and will sell pictures to many other sites. So I wouldn't post anything on one of these sites, unless you don't mind it appearing on other sites as well. You should always read the small print and the Terms of Service before you actually upload a picture. Much of the rules and options are outlined in these sections of the website.

Body Language
Before the internet, the easiest way to determine if somebody liked you was the old fashioned way: Body Language. If you notice lots of people of the opposite sex (or same sex if you're gay or bi) making advances at you, such as smiling or winking in your direction, then they are probably interested in you or think you're attractive. Sometimes it may not even be as noticeable or out in the open. For example, it may not seem like they are flirting with you, but if you examine their body language, you may notice some of the usual signs that they are attracted to you or showing body language. If a guy is talking to a girl, and she is always standing very close to him or swaying in his direction while talking, she's probably imagining what it would be like to be next to him as a partner. She's probably sizing him up as a sexual partner and seeing if he will make a good partner, in terms of physical attraction and compatability. Another example is if somebody won't look you in the eyes and their eyes begin to wander whenever you look into theirs. While this can be a symptom of Social Anxiety, it can also be a sign that they have been thinking about you. They may be nervous that you will look into their eyes and notice that glossy "I love you" look in theirs, or they may be worried that they will get lost in your eyes if they look too long and it will be obvious to you. A common signal that women give men who they are interested in, is the hair preen. This is when they start flipping their hair and combing or playing with it around a male. While some women may just need to adjust their hair for legit reasons, a lot of times it's because of what is on their mind.

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