Did the Illuminati Kill Michael Jackson?

Was Michael Jackson's death caused by a secret society known as the Illuminati? That's what many people are actually wondering, and majority of their curiosity has been sparked by youtube videos insisting he was or wasn't. In the past 10 years, the youth has become much more interested in secret societies and conspiracies than previous generations. Not since the Red Scare of the early 1900's has USA had so much suspicion when it comes to secret involvement in political groups and circles. So being a long-time Michael Jackson fan myself, I thought I'd watch some of these youtube videos which allege his death is connected to freemasons or the illuminati. I found many of the videos humorous and ridiculous, but decided to give conspiracy theorists the benefit of the doubt, and research further.

Michael Jackson never once spoke about the illuminati or any secret organizations. There is not one single recording or interview where he ever used the word "illuminati" or said anything about conspiracy theories or secret organizations. Some people on youtube have stated that he did make interviews and they were erased. Well how do teens on youtube know all this top secret information? Plus, if it was erased, why wouldn't he have just created his own media to get the word out if he had something to say? Michael Jackson was one of the richest celebrities on earth for a majority of his career. He certainly had the means to start his own TV channel, magazine, or radio station. He definitely had enough funding to do it himself, and to go live on a secluded island retreat to hide from any would-be attackers. If MJ had something to say about the illuminati, he would have said it, especially if he felt his life was in danger. He wouldn't have tiptoed around the topic and used code words for everything like some people are trying to claim.

Many people have stated that he was hinting to the illuminati or talking about them in songs like They Don't Really Care About Us. But anybody who's actually listened to the lyrics knows that he was talking about racial and social inequalties. Those were issues that he continued to talk about in songs since day one, just like Tupac Shakur, who some people have also tried to link to the current illuminati conspiracy theories. They Don't Really Care About Us was the same message Michael Jackson was preaching in the song Black or White. Besides, there was lots of controversy around that song when it was first released. Lots of people in the media were talking about it and how others thought it was advocating racial discrimination by his use of vulgar words in the song. So if the Illuminati controls the media, why would they allow the media to focus so much on the song and bring more attention to it? Why would the media allow his video for the song to air on MTV and other networks, when it just brings more ears to the song and causes people to buy the album and listen to it more?

Another point I'd like to make, is the issue of Michael Jackson's This is It tour. Michael Jackson said in an interview that it would be his last tour, and that's why it was called "This is It". Some people are trying to say that he was killed before this tour could take place, because he was planning on exposing the illuminati on this tour. But how would they know that if he didn't say that? Is the illuminati now mind readers? He toured throughout his life, and toured hundreds of places after releasing the song They Don't Care About Us. The song was released in 1996 on the HIStory album, and to promote the album, he toured the world from September 1996 to October 1997. That's an entire year of touring, and over 4.5 million fans from 35 countries who were in attendance. If there was some big message he was trying to get out, then why wouldn't he have said it on that tour, or when he was at the peak of his career with the most ears listening? Why wait 12 years to say it, if people claim he was already hinting to it on that song released in 1996? Not one single claim has any substance.

In addition to all of this, why would the illuminati want to kill Michael Jackson and Tupac? Why do all the illuminati conspiracies on youtube seem to revolve around celebrities? Could it be that maybe, just maybe, it's because celebrities are more interesting to teens? While there very well could be a secret organization who controls the world's finances and economies, I seriously doubt celebrities would have anything to do with it. They are small fish compared to the really powerful people there are in the world. I guess it's too boring for teens to talk about Bill Gates, Ben Bernanke and Warren Buffett, so they incorporate all these celebrities into the story so it makes it more fun to talk about and discuss. Also, why would the illuminati kill Michael Jackson and not Dan Brown? Dan Brown is one of the main authors who started the current illuminati fad by talking about it in his fictional books. Many movies like The Davinci Code and Angels and Demons are based on his books. So why is Dan Brown, a bestselling author, alive still if the Illuminati wants to kill all the people who expose them?

Then, of course, there's Michael Jackson's doctor, Conrad Murray. Some of the people fascinated with the illuminati-Michael Jackson connection have stated that Dr. Murray was planted into MJ's life by the illuminati, and his mission was to kill MJ. What they are forgetting, is that Michael Jackson seeked out this particular doctor, not the other way around. He had visited many other doctors and clinics who would not prescribe him propofol, and Murray was one of the few that would. He chose to hire Murray on as a private in-house doctor. That was MJ's decision, nobody else's. Nobody planted him in Michael's home, and nobody forced Michael or persuaded him to hire Dr. Murray. If the illuminati is as powerful as these people claim they are, then why would they even put a doctor into the picture? Why would they need a fall guy? They could easily make his death look like a suicide if they were that powerful and Murray was involved. Why even throw a doctor into the mix? That allows for further scrutiny and investigations, and now the public eye is on him. What kind of powerful, secret organization would make a mistake like that and allow a link between themselves and Jackson's death exist? The people who believe in this nonsense give the Illuminati both too much credit and not enough.

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