Are Veneers Worth It?

Many people may ask themselves why they should choose porcelain veneers over crowns for their teeth. I also came to ask myself this about 5 years ago, and I'd like to share my experiences and explain why I choose veneers and how I feel with them after 5 years. So in this article, I hope I can answer most of your questions so you can make the right decision.

Crowns vs Veneers
I had a yellow stain on my front tooth (top teeth) most of my life. I always felt insecure about this little stain, because kids had picked on me in school when I was younger, and I was even given the nickname "cheesy tooth" by one kid in my neighborhood. So as I got older, I decided it was time to get this tooth fixed. I looked at all the options, such as cosmetic veneers, crowns, and even tooth paint. I learned that crowns do not look as good as veneers, especially when sunlight or other lights hit your teeth. They just don't look as natural. Tooth whitening paint was not an option, as this is only a temporary fix I found out. So I decided to go with one veneer, but then I realized that one would look awkward next to my other teeth, so I decided to have all 4 of my top front teeth veneered.

How Much Do Veneers Cost?
The cost may vary, it depends on where you live. I live in a very expensive area of California, so I'm not sure what going rate is, but they ended up costing me about $1200 per tooth. I think that in other areas, they may be as cheap as $800 to $900 per tooth. The dentist I went to was recommended by many people and had a reputation for doing good dental work. Insurance doesn't typically cover veneers because they are considered cosmetic. So I had to pay out of pocket with my own money. They cut me a deal and it ended up costing about $4,200 for the 4 teeth.

Did Surgery Hurt?
The dental surgery itself didn't hurt, because I was very numb after they gave me many shots, but the shots in the gums weren't too pleasant. The surgery involves a lot of shaving. They will shave down your teeth, until they are little points, almost like a vampire's tooth would be. Then they put the veneer over the tooth and bond it there. The most painful part was after they shaved down the teeth. Some of the cold air from the air conditioning in the room hit my teeth and it was very painful because the protective enamel that normally covers them was gone. The enamel almost serves the same purpose a person's skin serves on their body. The surgery itself lasted about 4 or 5 hours, and there was 2 procedures. The first one involved shaving down the original teeth. Then I was fitted with temporary crowns. The second procedure involved breaking the temporary's off the teeth and putting the real veneers on. I was very sore afterwards for a few days and couldn't eat solids during this time.

How Long Do They Last?
Veneers should last at least 10 years, though they may expire sooner if you don't take care of them, or last longer if you do.

Are You Happy You Got Them Done?
My feelings are mixed. On one hand, I'm glad that my yellow stain is gone and not as noticeable. On the other hand, I feel the dentist didn't do them right because they are a facing outwards a couple centimeters too much. So my bottom teeth often hit them when I'm eating, and has caused a very slow gradual chipping on one of them. In a few years, this will probably become a problem. I didn't get it fixed because that would require going through the surgery again and I just didn't feel like going through all the trouble. I think they look great and natural, but the way they face outwards a little, it makes them look huge, almost like horse teeth. So I just wish I had gone to a better dentist to get them done, because there's nothing wrong with the way they actually look individually, just the way they look in the position they are in.

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