Adult Film Stars and HIV

Many people believe that actors in pornographic films are some of the cleanest and safest people when it comes to sex. This is a huge misconception and it couldn't be further from the truth. While many measures and precautions are taken by the adult film industry to reduce the risk of HIV/AIDS, they still haven't been able to keep things under control and have failed to keep the HIV virus off the movie sets. Every once in a while, a porn star comes out and admits that they contracted HIV while working on an adult movie. Now I know what you're probably thinking, "So what if it happens every once in a while, at least it's rare", but since there's not as many people working on pornographic films as there are people in the general population, this means that the HIV rates for the adult film industry are much higher than you would find in any neighborhood or group of random people with different careers. There's been a number of high profile cases that have sent shock waves through the adult movie industry, but the major media networks obviously think that these incidents are not newsworthy, since they hardly ever cover these stories. But if you do a little research, you'll come to see that there is practically a mini-epidemic occurring in this seedy industry.

In 2004, an adult film actor by the name of Darren James infected at least 3 actresses and possibly many more. The 3 women who had been tested and confirmed as being HIV-positive were Lara Roxx, Miss Arroyo, and Jessica Dee. Lara Roxx was 21 years old at the time and had only been acting in these types of films for about 2 months. Darren James stated that he believed he contracted the virus from Brazilian actress Bianca Biaggi, who he had done a film with in Brazil. She was the most recent person he was sexually active with that had tested positive. The Adult Industry Medical Health Care Foundation (AIMHCF) is the organization that tests porn stars and keeps tabs on many of them. The organization is run by Sharon Mitchell, who once acted in adult films herself until she was sexually assaulted by a stalker and decided to change careers eventually. The AIMHCF were the ones who first publicly disclosed that Darren James was HIV-positive. He sued them for it and eventually settled out of court, though the details of the settlement remain confidential. He has supposedly been working as a security guard since then.

But this wasn't the first time an HIV scare rocked the adult film industry. In 1998, there was a similar outbreak that involved veteran actor Marc Wallice, who appeared in over 1,300 films up until then. He allegedly infected Brooke Ashley, Tricia Devereaux, Jordan Mcknight, Caroline, Kimberly Jade, and possibly Nena Cherry (who died a few years ago). According to rumors, he tried to hide his diagnosis with fake bloodwork for about 2 years. These rumors were perpetuated by the fact that he was caught after forging an AIDS certificate. He supposedly still works in the exotic film industry as a director, editor, and writer. This situation, if the rumors are true, reminds me of John Holmes, who is arguably the most famous male porn star of all time (The movie Boogie Nights starring Mark Wahlberg was partly based on him). John was diagnosed with HIV and continued to act in pornographic films, without even caring about the lives he was ruining in the process.

Another famous exotic film star who contracted HIV is John Stagliano, aka Buttman. However, he claims that he contracted the virus from a transsexual while vacationing in Brazil. He's married to Tricia Devereaux now, who is also an ex-porn star who contracted HIV. So as you can see, it's fairly common to find people in the adult film industry who have HIV or gave it to others. Upon checking a Wikipedia list for famous people with the disease, 21 of those people are ex pornographic actors and actresses. A shocking statistic if you keep in mind that not everybody's diagnosis is released to the public.

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